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Monday, May 28, 2007

A few random things...

First of all... you all have heard me profess my love for Karen Foster Snap Stamps on here multiple times!! Well, seems they are on the verge of being discontinued! I stumbled on a post from Ellen Hutson today (who happens to sell them!) about sending an email to the company, telling them they should not discontinue (and they should instead come up with more designs!). So, if you love them like I do, fyi you may want to do this. :-)

Second... how many of you use Google Reader? Show of hands? Well, I just started using it this weekend. I LOVE IT! You enter in all of your favorite blogs, and it will update anytime one of them is updated (not instant, but quick enough)!! No more having to subscribe to the blogs I love (which I'd always get the emails after I had already checked them anyway, since I'm an addict and all) (and btw if you are one of my favorites & saw me unsubscribe this weekend, I still love your blog!!!!) and no more endlessly checking for new updates on the ones I didn't subscribe to. So fyi - you may want to check it out if you haven't already! I also added a new little Google icon along the left, so you can add me to your Reader easily. :-) Edited to add: Allison posted some super cool tips for getting people into your Reader quick & easy! I wasted so much time doing it the hard way!! :-)

Third... Did you all see somebody post a link to this in the SCS forum today? It may be old news to some of you - but these stamps are just way too funny!! I'm so tempted to order "Better than Hallmark" or "Hallmark wishes their cards could be this good"!!!

Fourth... Have you seen what Nichole from Papertrey Ink is doing this week on her blog? She's doing her usual countdown to a new release, this time counting down to the new Marvy scallop punches going on pre-order on June 1. I LOVE what she did to make a photo corner out of the heart scallop punch!! She is so amazing.

Finally... Wanted to tell you about some other awesome things happening in the blogging world, in case ya missed it! Michelle at Mish Mash is giving really EXCELLENT tips to actually "make and mail 'em, girls"! Her last few posts have been so full of great ideas!! My favorite, maybe I'm a little slow, is to use a white gel pen to cover up when you color outside the lines!! OMG!!! So obvious and yet it NEVER occurred to me! And I also wanted to tell you about a blogger I just recently discovered, not sure if you've met her - Sophia at Moonlight Inker. Her work is absolutely STUNNING, I am enjoying it so much - I thought you might too. :-)

Have a good week everyone!!!


  1. Thanks for the info about the google reader button. I have used google reader for a while and I love it. Went searching and have now added the button to my blog too.

  2. Thanks for all these great tips and links, Libby! I'll go check out that new blog!

  3. Wow, thanks so much for your intro. I really appreciate your comments, and hope I can con't to do justice to them. Your own work had caught my eye and I'me glad the feeling was mutual. By the way I'll try on that google reader thing as it would be easier than going from site to site umpteen times a day! Thanks so much and TFS a wonderful blog.

  4. I don't use google reader, but I use bloglines, which I assume is the same, with the updating, listing your blogs, etc... so welcome to the club - you can read SOOOOOOO many more blogs that way! LOL!

  5. Check out my blog post from yesterday (Monday)to read directions on adding the "next" button for Google Reader to make it even easier!!!

  6. I use Reader! Love it...and you are on my list. :)


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