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Friday, May 4, 2007

Flower Friday!

I've decided to do a new weekly feature on this little blog - Flower Friday! Every Friday I'm going to try to post either a flower from my garden, a flower from somebody else's garden, or a flowery card! A couple things inspired me to do this - looking at Leslie's AMAZING garden today on her blog, and also snapping this photo tonight of my newly blooming passion vine! The vine itself is in sorry shape (see post below with the rose photo - too much neglect in my yard the past couple of years!), but despite that the sweet little vine produced this amazing flower, and is on the verge of just bursting with blooms - this particular flower opened yesterday, and there are many more buds about to open. If it is covered with blooms sometime soon I'll try to snap another photo (perhaps next Friday?). :-) My little garden is still pretty sad, but it's coming along, slowly but surely! Joel also surprised me this week with a new umbrella table and chairs for the yard, so this evening after putting Carter to bed we were sitting out there enjoying the cool May evening (I did a little gardening this afternoon and it was REALLY hot and humid! Ugh, here comes summer!) and the songs of my Purple Martens - Joel with his Newcastle, and me with my Fine Gardening Color Combination issue, trying to figure out what to plant next. In one corner I have a Victoria blue sage and a white jasmine vine already blooming - I'm thinking it needs some yellow or orange to compliment... but hmm... not sure what to plant! Maybe some daylilies? Anyway... hope you all enjoy my Flower Fridays. I better get this posted and hit my stamp room - still a little more organizing to do, plus I'm doing an ALL DAY SCRAPBOOKING RETREAT tomorrow, yippee!! And I need to get things organized & ready for that. It's from 9am-9pm: twelve whole hours of toddler-free, uninterrupted scrapbooking! I cannot wait! I plan to finally do our trip to Ireland from fall of 2005. Yes, I am VERY behind on my scrapbooking (also still have to do Switzerland/Austria, China, Hawaii, and I haven't really even started anything for Carter yet, and boy do I take lots and lots of photos of my sweetie!). So - hopefully I can crank out my Ireland book tomorrow. Happy National Scrapbooking Day, and enjoy your weekend! :-)

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  1. Libby, I meant to comment on this before to tell you I used to have a Passion Vine at a different house and it was glorious! An unusual silver thaw killed it one winter (sob)! They're so exotic looking!


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