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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Scrapbooking Weekend!

That's what I had... a happy scrapbooking weekend! I did the day retreat yesterday, and it was fabulous! I worked on my Ireland scrapbook - didn't get nearly as much done as you'd think a girl could do in 12 hours... I actually went into the retreat thinking "this will be great, I'll get the ENTIRE trip done, woohoo!" HA!! I wasn't even close! Oh well, it was lots of fun and that's all that really matters! I really enjoyed spending the day with my friend Karen - she is such an amazing scrapper, I'm so inspired by her! Maybe even inspired enough to finally start scrapping my son's first year, after seeing what she's done for her *adorable* son's book!! I have a couple more crops & retreats planned for the coming months, so hopefully I'm getting back in the swing of scrappin' after a *long* hiatus!!

So yes, it's been a good weekend - scrapping all day yesterday, and today I got in some more gardening, watched the Amazing Race finale (although I'm not thrilled with who won!) and most importantly *wink* I also got to do some fun shopping - hit Michael's this morning to return a couple things, and had to check out the new Martha stuff and all the rearranging and restocking they've done with the other things in my aisles. I had Carter with me so I had to hurry through a little more than I would have liked. Martha has some cute things, but not much I just *need* to buy, ya know?? One thing about her stuff that I think is really smart, though, is that her stickers & other embellishments all have holes in the bottom of the package, so it can all be stored in a big craft binder she sells. Not that I'm going to buy that much of her stuff to need that, but I'd love it if other companies all did that! Very cool for keeping organized! But the REALLY exciting shopping came later in the afternoon, when Carter was napping & I got to leave him home with Joel. I checked out the new Archivers up by Lakeline! OMGoodness!!!! It's AWESOME!!!! Those of you in Austin, you need to go & check it out. I'm going to state for the record right here and now, if anyone ever needs to get me a gift, for whatever reason, a gift certificate to Archivers would be just perfect! hee hee! I do feel really bad for Scrapbook Crossing though (my favorite LSS that's not far from Archivers) - they have to really hate that this store has opened!! But, I for one manage to do my part to support *all* of the various stores around Austin! (and sometimes Waco, or San Antonio, or online......!)

And finally, I thought I'd post a photo of my desk - since I need to redeem myself after sharing how horribly messy it was before! As of right now it's still nice & tidy - mostly because the only creative stuff I did this weekend was at the retreat, NOT in my stamp room!! We'll see how it survives the coming week of stamping, and preparing for Thursday's hostess club. :-)

Now I need to go clean my messy kitchen & get to bed at a decent hour for once. Have a great week!


  1. Looks like you got some great pages made. They just opened an Archiver's in my area, and I'm totally addicted! It's awesome, but I, too end up doing my part to keep everyone in business! LOL! I just added a link to your blog to the main list on Splitcoast bloggers. Happy Blogging!

    -Julee T.

  2. Wow! Love your office! It's so bright and cheerful!


  3. Archivers sounds wonderful! I keep hearing about it, but I've got the small town woes. The internet is huge, though! Also, your nice, tidy stamp room looks so inviting! I'll bet you can't wait to mess it up again!

  4. many pages in one weekend! I am a super slow scrapbooker. Love your pages.
    You can tell that you weren't stamping at home since your desk is that clean! At least that's a sure sign in my house that I wasn't stamping

  5. I am soooo jealous right now...after posting about how "organized" I am, here I see this! I love how everything is bright and white and clean. That is the number one drawback of my stamping is all hand-me-down furniture and doesn't match. Your room is great!


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