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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another fun blog game...

... I'll play along - why not? I saw this on Rose Ann's blog (among others), it looked like fun. I'm supposed to answer these all starting with "L", since it's the first letter of my first name..

Your Name: Libby
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Lyle Lovett
4 letter word: Love
Vehicle: Lumina
TV SHOW: Lost!!!
City/Town: Lansing, Michigan
Boy Name: Lance
Girl Name: Leigh
Occupation: Lumberman
Something you wear: Legwarmers (ha!)
Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan (ugh)
Food: Leg of Lamb
Something found in a kitchen: Liquid Soap
Reason for Being Late: Lost (oops I used this already, but it's different...!)
Something you Shout: Land Ho!
Cartoon Character: Lightyear, Buzz :-)


  1. Hey...great list, Libby!! I especially like "Lance" *wink*. Thanks for playing!

  2. Great choice on the girl name!!

  3. Funny, Libby! We have the same letter and my answers are completely different. I only have them written down, though, not on my blog yet. These are fun to read!


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