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Thursday, August 23, 2007

New life for my wheels??

Check out this post from Jen at Pieces of Me - this is so BRILLIANT! I *never* use my wheels, but I think this would breathe new life into them for me. I'm totally doing it. Plus it will save me a bit of space (just a bit - since I rarely use wheels, I have not gone wheel-crazy. One of the few things in this hobby I have not gone crazy with!)! Although I'll probably just paint the backs with Aleene's Tack-It, I use that on my unmounted rubber rather than Cling Foam. And ever since I saw this post from Mimi at Stamps-a-latte Stamp Cafe, I've been considering doing this to my mounted stamps. I just haven't been brave enough...!!!


  1. O'my'gosh, that is so cool, I wondered what the heck you were talking about with wheels. The first thing that came to mind was tires lol. Duh...obviously brain dead. I'm actually in a negative brain cell state when it comes to rolling things in a straight line so for me that would be awsome. The stamp idea is one that I've toyed with tho. When your as desperate as me for space, any idea seems like a good idea, especially when I want more stamps!

  2. I have seen these posts too, I keep trying to convince myself to do it too -- but I am scared. Great ideas though

  3. Wow...I never thought of that! It's a great idea, as I don't really use my wheels much either. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Did you have a nice birthday yesterday? ;)

  4. Yes, this is great! I've got quite a few "wood" mounted stamps that I've never mounted. Especially with 2-step stamps, using them on acrylic blocks is sooo much easier!
    Thanks for all the tips!

  5. Yep, saw these posts, but don't know how brave I am! LOL!

  6. I've heard of this. It makes a pretty good background stamp. I was glad to see her photos of exactly how to cut them off. I never knew just how to do it. I may try it with some, but I use my wheels lots of times to cover large areas. I do think I'll try this, though. I really appreciate the link to this good info!


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