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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Quick Tip

Tip of the day - never apply repositionable glue and then leave your wonderful new unmounted stamps to dry on the coffee table, within reach of your 22 month old menace! And never assume that your DH, lying on the couch right next to the coffee table, will defend your stamps against the ravages of said toddler! This isn't even the worst of it - many had to be pulled from the newspaper that the menace was using to bat around the stamps. *sigh* Ok, off to sort my sticky icky rubber and figure out if any stamps are now in the newspaper recycle bin...

FYI - all this glorious new rubber is from smARTworks, more on that in an upcoming post!!!!


  1. Oh No!!!!! So sorry this happened to you. I hope your husband learned a lesson or two as well!

  2. Ohhhhhh, that's bad....really bad!!! I hope you can get them all sorted out. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh goodness...does that sound familiar! LOL I am so sorry and hope the sorting goes ok.

  4. Feelin' your pain. I have my own embossing powder stories! Take care. hope all turns out well.


  5. Hmmmm....good to know. Thanks for the tip. ;)

  6. Oh no, Libby! I hope you are able to get everything fixed. I can 'feel your pain.'

  7. oh no, that poor rubber in the hands of a menace!!! i hope you got a handle on that "sticky" situation!! how do you like smARTworks?


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