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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stamps For Sale! (Papertrey & MFT!)

Hi all!

In my attempt to bring on labor, I'm doing some cleaning today! I actually mopped!! Now here's hoping that contractions start, but my water doesn't break all over my newly-cleaned floors! LOL! Now I'm tackling my stamp room. And, I've decided that I'd like to purge some stamps that I love, but have had for many months and never used - at this point there's no sense in keeping them. Especially when somebody out there may show them more love than I have!!

These are not in the very original packaging they were shipped in - I have put them in the cd cases. None have been used so zero staining. For these stamps in CD cases I'll need to add on $2 for shipping - if you buy more than one I'll just charge you the actual shipping amount. And I hope the cd case doesn't crack in the mail, but I'm not responsible if it does (they will ship in a padded envelope).
Faux Ribbon - $16 - SOLD
Paper Tray - $8 - SOLD
Little Lady - $8 - SOLD
Holiday Treats - $16 - SOLD
Believe - $8 - SOLD

My Favorite Things
These are all in original packaging, have never been used (or opened!). Shipping for these will be $1 each.
By The Sea - $5 - SOLD
Hit the Beach - $5 - PENDING
How Sweet It Is - $5 - SOLD
Shower Time - $5 - PENDING

I prefer payment for these via Paypal - but I only have a basic account and cannot accept credit cards, so bank transfers only. If you let me know ASAP I can hopefully get them in the mail to you tomorrow. However, as I hope you can understand - if I do go into labor it will put a little kink in that plan & you'll have to be patient with me! Hope that's ok. :-)

If you're interested, please send me an email at


  1. I so need to follow your lead on getting rid of some stuff. Good luck!

  2. I'd like Hit the Beach please! My email is Thank you!!!


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