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Friday, March 28, 2008

My kids are so stinkin' cute!

Yes, another Obnoxious Mommy Moment, brought to you by Libby's Little Addiction! LOL! But you have to admit, they are pretty darn adorable... :-)

Good news - I have my stamp room back!!!!!! The in-laws left on Tuesday afternoon. But I haven't put any ink to a stamp yet... it's been a pretty tough week. Carter is a super sweet big brother, but he also has his moments of being a bit of a nightmare...! It's just such a big change for him, going from having 100% of my attention to now having to share it. Just like him, I'm still figuring out how to handle it. I know there are many of you out there who have been through this - if you have any advice I'd LOVE to hear it!!!

Hopefully you'll see some cards from me again soon... right now Carter is napping but Courtney is hanging out on my lap as I type this. Maybe I can get her to sleep soon and have a little stamping time before Carter wakes up?? Maybe???

Oh and btw - we're trying to put our house on the market in the next few weeks, as if life wasn't crazy enough right now... so that is going to seriously limit my stamping time as well!! Boo hoo!! BUT, we had our realtor look over our house for the first time yesterday and she agreed that leaving my stamp room as a stamp room will be fine - Joel was thinking we needed to make it look like a bedroom - so I am VERY relieved!! I need my stress-reducing outlet during these next few months!! But the key is that I have to keep it very NEAT and CLEAN for when people come to look at the house, which you know is not one of my strengths... Wish me luck!! :-)

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Oh, they are just so cute! Thank you for giving me such a sweet niece and nephew!

  2. You definitely have bragging rights there, Libby! Great pictures of your cuties!!

    Moving...yikes! Will you still be in the Austin area? Best wishes with all of that!

  3. oh my cyber baby is huge! I can't believe how time flies!
    And the kiddos look so much alike, wow.

  4. Yep, your kids are too stinkin' CUTE!!!!!!!! I think you've got enough on your plate for now! Take it easy, my friend!

  5. Okay...I'll admit it...your kids are STINKIN' CUTE! Yes, they are! And I love seeing any and all photos of them! You're selling your house? Something bigger and better for the bigger, better family? Guess I need to read on...


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