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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ok this is funny...

This is how addicted I am to the blogging world...! I went to sleep early tonight, and just finished a feeding and can't fall back asleep... anyway... I actually remember the dream I had, which isn't typical for me. I dreamt that I was walking around my Joann store and saw Sherry and Jeanne there shopping and laughing (which is something that it seems like they'd be doing if they were shopping together). Sherry recognized me from my blog - as if - and asked if they could come back to my house and play in my clean stamp room before traveling back to their homes. I said "SURE!" and then "oh wait, my in-laws are staying in there" and then "we'll just have to kick them out and move out the bed" and "you guys could play with my new Elvis stamps, oh and could you give me a Copic coloring lesson?? Please???". So they came back - and then Courtney cried and woke me up - so I never did get that coloring lesson....

So even though I haven't blogged in far too long (back to 800 posts behind in Reader!) - I still am thinking about my fellow stampers... LOL!!!

Wouldn't it be amazing if I dreamt about a Copic coloring lesson and it actually improved my coloring???? :-)


  1. You're too funny, Libby! I bet Sherry and Jeanne would get a kick out of this.

    Happy Easter!!!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- well you did peg it right, that we would be laughing and shopping! We seem to laugh quite a bit and especially while shopping. You just can't help but laugh at Jeanne. We would give you a copic lesson, by the way, and if you play your cards right, you might get one in October. I do believe there are two stamp shows that both Jeanne and I will be working together in Texas - San Antonio and Houston! I know you're close to San Antonio!

  3. I'm glad to know you're human -- having a newborn, keeping up with home and family AND being 100% faithful and dedicated to your hobby and blogging... I'm glad to know that you're still alive but you're taking care of what's more important right now! :)

    I like your dream better than mine -- I had a dream I was trying to help some mass murderer escape because I felt sorry for him ... and we were walking across some desert valley type thing and there were mountain lions everywhere chasing coyotes -- until they saw us (bigger prey)??? HELLO? What a dream to have on EASTER?!

    Elvis Stamps? I'd love some of THOSE! He's my hunka hunka burnin love!

  4. Too darn funny!!! And yes, You got it so right about the giggle fest when we are together.

  5. Oh, that's funny, Libby! I believe that if you dream about coloring with Copics it actually would be like having a lesson. Probably not as good a lesson as Sherry or Jeanne could give you... When I was learning to drive I was pretty jerky at first. But I spent some time laying around visualizing the act of driving (standard shift, etc.) and even dreamed about it. At my next lesson my boyfriend, who was teaching me, said "you've been practicing!" It really works!

  6. That is THE best dream ever. I dream about posting blogs, but never anything as COOL as that! :0) Mel


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