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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My little paleontologists...

Yikes! It's been over a week since my last post! Time flies when you're... parenting? I thought I'd check in and say hi and let you know that all is well in the Hickson household! Unfortunately I don't have any new creations to share with you - but I do have LOTS of new rubber so I can't wait to start playing as soon as I have my stamp room back!! More on my stamp room in a bit - but first I wanted to share a photo I snapped this morning. Once again big brother Carter was sharing his toys with his baby sister - this time it was his dinosaurs! And they were bringing the biggest grin to Courtney's little face! So hmm... instead of one future Ross Geller in my house, it looks like I have two little paleontologists in the making...!? Or maybe it was just having big brother playing with her that was making her smile? And now for an update about my stamp room. If you read this you know that I am constantly at battle with the mess that explodes and overtakes my room. WELL! I have finally won the war!!! I had to clean it up big time to make room in there for a bed for my in-laws' visit. This is the cleanest this room has EVER been! And see that empty space up against the wall? Once the in-laws head back to Arizona, my plan is to put my folding table back up against that wall, which has previously been covered in junk, and use it as a permanent place to have my sewing machine, cuttlebug & scor-pal sitting, so I can actually use them without having to haul them out and make room on my desk. VERY EXCITING!!! So, as much as I like having my family here (they have been a HUGE help, first my parents and now Joel's) I just cannot wait to have my room back and start playing!!!! Provided my munchkins ever let me have stamping time...!


  1. What an adorable pic. . .thanks for sharing! I know how time flies when you're parenting! LOL

  2. Your munchkins are little darlings! Thanks for sharing the photo!! Your room looks fantastic as well!!

  3. Yup.. parenting can certainly take some time out of the day.. week.. month... well ya life! lol But oh my nothing is more rewarding than seeing them grow and develop and love and help each other! Darling picture. Treasure it and the moments.

  4. Libby--first, that is THE most adorable photo of your little munchkins! I love seeing the two of them together and watching their relationship develop. It looks like it's coming along very nicely!

    Second, I look at your stamp room and then go in mine and CRINGE! I can't do a thing with it until I purchase some different storage and workspace units. You make me want to get a move on, but I've been saying that for a long time. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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