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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So I'm sitting here watching the Stanley Cup Finals - thinking about the Penguins and their immensely talented captain Sidney Crosby - Sid the Kid - number 87 - when it finally occurred to me, I think he wears number 87 because he was BORN in 1987?!?!?
O. M. G.
I have literally never felt so old in my life.

Monica it makes me miss Stevie Yzerman even more!!! This is for you... *smile*

I'm hoping to get some stamping time tomorrow morning - hope to have another card for you soon.


  1. I missed the game because I was at a program last night. Sorry to hear the Wings will have to put their brooms away. Back in the days of Stevie-Y, I used to pray for a Game 7, just so I could watch him more. (In all faith that the Wings would pull it out in the end.)

    How do you get lipstick off a computer monitor??

  2. Okay Libby, I have to tell you my hysterical thought process when I read your post. When you said 1987, my mind automatically smiled and went with it because that year holds a special place in my life. Then I got kind of confused because you said you felt sooooo old and I knew that you weren't old and besides I'M NOT OLD and that was the year I graduated anyway and boy, he sure does look young to have graduated in '87 as well. . . ohhhhhh, wait. You said BORN not GRADUATED! Oh crap, now I feel really really old too. :-) Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

  3. i hope Pittsburgh comes back and makes a series of it. they're too talented to go out in 5 games.

  4. Well...just remember...we're all getting older together. *wink*

    GO WINGS!!!!

  5. LOL... that made me giggle...I realized the same thing a couple of years ago when he was playing for us on Team Canada Juniors at the Worlds.

    I'm rooting for the Wings this year poor beloved Oilers just couldn't do anything this year.

  6. Ah-h-h yes that realization. Just wait until you go to the doctor and he/she is younger than your own kids!! Yikes. I am old! lol


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