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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Return of Flower Friday!

Way back when I used to be a consistent blogger, I started a little feature called Flower Friday. I love flowers. I find it very difficult to resist buying every flower stamp I see. But I have so darn many flower stamps, I've tried really hard in recent months not to buy anymore. I've actually been doing fairly well with that! But here's a beauty I bought last fall, before imposing this new restriction on myself. It's called Hydrangea and it's from smARTworks. I decided to use the "wet watercolor" technique (or whatever you want to call it, this technique seems to have many different names) except when I did the final stamp after the wet image dried, I didn't love how it looked so I spritzed my paper again. So, this is a very wet, blurry image of a hydrangea - but I really like it! I was trying really hard to channel a little bit of Leslie, to try to create a pretty, elegant flower card. I even grabbed some toilet paper from the bathroom to do the background (which you can't see in the photo anyway). I like how it turned out, but I am still a long way from Lesliedom. :-) (she is my hero when it comes to breathtakingly gorgeous cards!) I was inspired by Jenn's card today to use ribbon as part of the background. (Jenn is my hero when it comes to gorgeous, bright and cheerful cards, I LOVE today's card!!!) And that gorgeous satin ribbon is from a recent ribbon share that Jody hosted - so pretty! I was inspired to pull out my hydrangea stamp today because I have some exciting news from the garden - I planted a hydrangea last year just for kicks, because I *love* hydrangeas - but considering how much I've neglected my garden in recent years I didn't really expect it to bloom. Well, it's starting!! Yippee!! Only thing is, I love the blue hydrangeas, and it looks like I'm getting a yellow/pink one. I think I remember the color having something to do with the soil, but I don't remember if you need acidic or basic soil to get blue hydrangeas (Leslie? Help?). Or maybe I just dreamt that and it's really just based on the variety I planted. Yes, I am clearly a Master Gardener. Not! Ok I better go - trying to post this while cooking dinner, and dinner is starting to require more attention. Enjoy your weekend!
  • Stamps: Hydrangea from smARTworks, Thoughtful Phrases from Verve Visual
  • Paper: Always Artichoke, Night of Navy, Le Jardin DP, watercolor paper
  • Ink: Black StazOn
  • Accessories: SU markers, water spray bottle, spiral punch, antique brass hodgepodge hardware, lovely ribbon, edge distresser


  1. Your wet watercolor turned out so pretty, Libby!! I love the colors, and how you used your spiral punch & brads!!

  2. Libby, I always get such a kick out of reading your posts! You had me laughing out loud about the channeling and grabbing toilet paper. Then I had to go see Jenn's card and loved it. Your card--well, of course, it's a flower so what can I say? The wet watercolor paper produces such beautiful results. I love your take on the sketch and the sentiment you used, especially in light of your words about the folks who inspire you. I really like the brads with the spiral punch. I tend to forget I have that punch so thanks for reminding me. I'll probably forget again...

    Your hydrangea looks like a beautiful and healthy specimen! You can turn the flower blue if you acidify the soil. Our soil on the Pacific northwest coast is naturally acidic but dryer climates often tend to be alkaline. If you want to go to the trouble you can get soil acidifier--very easy stuff. Miracle Gro makes some. Just mix with water and pour it over the plant and the ground around it. The pink is very pretty, though!


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