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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

35 seconds away from a Stanley Cup...

These guys are killing me!! Don't they know how difficult it is to stay up into the wee hours watching hockey when your baby girl will no doubt wake up to eat right after you go to bed? 3OT??? Couldn't they be more considerate of my situation?? ;-) And it stinks that my Wings will now have to claim their Cup away from Hockeytown! Boo! ;-)

Well anyway - here's me in my jersey watching the game - and you know it's #19, Monica!! I got this jersey a lonngggg time ago, as a high school graduation present. You know, back when Sidney Crosby had just barely entered this world...!

Check back soon - I hope to make a card tomorrow to go with this hockey theme, that hopefully even you non-hockey-fans (*gasp*) will appreciate... assuming I can put the idea in my head onto paper, that is........

Anyway... sad they lost tonight, but.... GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You're just trying to make me jealous ... and it works! I tried to make it to the end, but only lasted as long as the end of the first overtime. As much as I wanted to stay awake (I was sure they'd score in the first minute of the second overtime and I'd miss it!), I felt better about going to sleep when I woke up this morning and realized they'd gone to 3OT. I'm still dragging this morning...

  2. How is it that all my hockey lovin' friends come from places like Florida, Texas or Arizona? (Meanwhile, as a Swiss/Canadian, aunt of a 9 year old hockey player I am totally clueless, LOL).
    Great picture Libby!

  3. Keep in mind, Isabelle, that I spent the first ~24 years of my life growing up in Michigan - or as I like to call it (when it comes to hockey, anyway) - Southern Canada. ;-) I was very sad when I moved to Texas and had to explain to the people what ICE is, much less hockey. And Detroit didn't start really being good until I moved down here - sad.

  4. I just had to comment after I read Monica's journal! I can't believe the Wings lost last night! Totally sad..
    I love your journal and all your creations!

  5. I saw your pic and got all excited -- I thought, "Oh my goodness! Libby lives in Michigan! We can hook up in September when Carter and I go back to EuroPeds!" Then I remembered. "No, dummy. She lives in Austin." Dang. What a little roller coaster of emotions in those few seconds! *sigh*

    I hope your team wins! (Yeah, we're REALLY into hockey here in Oklahoma... hee hee)

  6. I was so bummed too, Libby!! You look so cute in your cool jersey!! He, he!! Tonight's the night!!!


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