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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


For those of you who couldn't care less about hockey (*gasp*), come back Thursday afternoon - I plan to post a card From Courtney's Closet then...

Well they gave me heart attacks right down to the final second - but The Cup is finally headed back to Detroit! SWEET!! Oh how I hate being transplanted to Texas on nights like this...! Hockeytown must be a rockin'! But I did have to partake in an old family tradition, though. Back in high school I was a huge Wings fan, but could not watch the games at my house. I lived in a small town, out in the sticks, and cable didn't even service our area! The Wings were only shown on a local channel out of Detroit, which we couldn't get (despite my very best efforts with the bunny ears!). So, I'd head over to my Unc's to watch the games. He had the coolest-ever set of Red Wings glasses - I think from Little Caesars? And our tradition was to drink 7-Up floats* while watching the games, out of those Red Wings glasses (it was always a toss-up for me which glass to choose - Stevie, Petr Klima or Bob Probert???). So tonight - I didn't have the cool glasses (I wonder if Unc still has them??) but yes indeed, I did make myself a 7-Up float. And it was goooooood. Back in my youth the Wings were awful, and then just starting to get good - by high school they'd win the old Norris (ie Snore-us) division and then promptly lose in the next round to Edmonton. I used to despise the Oilers. (Sorry Dawn.) (I was just jealous.) I still remember the year Detroit MADE the playoffs for the first time in forever, it was so awesome. And the first time someone brought back the tradition of throwing an octopus onto the ice (Me: "Dad what's up with that??"). Anyway - sorry for my rambling trip down memory lane, but the point I was going to make is - those 7-Up floats taste even yummier when there's a Stanley Cup to go with them!!

I never got a chance to make my hockey-inspired card I have been thinking about - it's been a rotten couple of days with Daddy out of town and both kids super cranky - but I may still try to make it and post it later this weekend. :-) So keep visiting!!! It will be my last sports post for a while, I promise! Until Tour de France in July anyway! That is, if I decide to watch it this year. And I don't have any bicycle stamps anyway... ;-)

* Twenty years later, my uncle is diabetic and I have a weight problem... ;-)


  1. Go Wings! I watched the whole game and they actually won! The curse has been broken! Although, in those last couple seconds, I was getting ready for you all to curse me for being so evil that I actually watched when I know I'm bad luck!

  2. That was one awesome game! I can tell you it was really fun downtown! Lots of noise and partying.. at least till the police decided to come and give tickets away for noise pollution! :)YAY WINGS!

  3. And The Cup comes home!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

    I hope the kids are feeling better!!


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