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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


...Courtney tried her first peas tonight, it wasn't love at first bite for her either. :-)

But she DOES like to dress up like a little ballerina - more on that in the morning! ;-)


  1. Oh, she is so cute. Alex loves peas!

  2. So cute, the look she is giving you is so funny! I at first saw this and thought this was our From Courtney's Closet, it would of been cute, too!!!

  3. Oh look at that face!! We have not even progressed to peas yet since I can barely get my 8 m.o. to unhinge his jaw when he sees a spoon coming. Ah, daily adventures with WJs!

  4. LOLOLOLOL!!!! TFS & giving me a smile!

  5. ...and you just made that card--"Give peas a chance". Looks like Courtney's wondering what in the world you were thinking...


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