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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RIP my beloved B plate...

...I will forever have fond memories of the time we spent together in the stamp room...

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? I cracked my Cuttlebug plate tonight! I am so bummed. I was trying to emboss with my Nestabilities dies in there. Guess my stack was too thick? Ugh. Do they sell replacement B plates?!

I don't know if I'm even going to share the card I was making when this tragedy occurred - I was so distraught that I just stumbled through the rest of the card and I don't like it. I'll share something else instead, up above....


  1. Michael's sells them.... they break on occasion. One thing to do is flip or rotate your B plates every few times through the 'bug and it should extend their life.

  2. I broke my plate to my big shot last week, but I had backups because I heard that this sort of "tragedy" occurs. I used the bigger broken piece for a while and it worked just dandy! I am following Nancy's advice in the above comment with this set tho!

  3. Joann's has them too. Use your coupons.

  4. a.c. moore also sells them and yes use your 40% coupon there too!!
    hope you get a new one soon!

  5. Yep, I broke one too but I still use the pieces as long as they are big enough to cover whatever Im putting thru the 'bug! I think replacements are about $7; not too bad!

  6. I've also discovered that if I put extra layers of cardstock and lightweight paper (experiment to achieve your desired effect - I usually use 2 layers cardstock plus one lightweight layer), the Nesties will cut more than one layer BUT not cut through to my plates. The plates look pristine because with extra layers, the Nesties won't cut into my plates, PLUS I get an embossed effect when I cut as well!

  7. I'm so sorry this happened, Libby!! Shoot!!

  8. I'm afraid this will happen to me sometime. I've heard of it a lot. Guess I should have some spares on hand. Sorry about your tragedy!


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