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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Weeeeeee're back! We got home a couple hours ago - got the kids a quick dinner - did our "divide and conquer" routine of getting them both to bed (until Joel figures out a way to lactate, he "owns" Carter's bedtime routine while I nurse Courtney to sleep...) - and now we are relaxing in our peaceful house once again. We had one of those "vacations" that you need some time to recover from. But more on that later - I'll do a full summary post with photos in a couple days...

Tonight I popped in to tell you a couple Very Important Things!!! First of all, come back tomorrow for some EXCITING NEWS!!! Hmm... the old "exciting news" teaser... on a stamping blog... whatever could it be?? Any guesses? LOL.

But even better than that - you have to check out the sale they are doing over at Hambo Stamps!! They are calling it the "State Your Discount" sale, and it's such a fun idea (not the least bit surprising coming from Monica!!) Well, first of all, ALL STAMPS ARE 30% OFF!! Which rocks. (Now's your chance to get my favorite little elephant for yourself!!) But the extra fun part is that the first person from each state to place an order receives 35% off!!! How cool is that? I'm slow announcing this since we spent most of the day in the air - I wonder how many states are left?? Go find out for yourself!! And check out Monica's blog post about it for all the details.

Ok - off to relax - I'll be back tomorrow with a new card along with that Big Announcement...! :-)

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  1. I know and I'm not telling LOL....
    let me know when *he* has the lactating thing figured out, almost spit my coffee over that one, grin.


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