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Friday, September 5, 2008


Just another reminder about our HUGE sale tomorrow!! There are now eleven of us going in on it, and one woman alone says she has over 150 Stampin' Up sets to sell!!! WOW! I don't think I'm going to make any profit on this, I'll be doing too much shopping myself!! Hope to see you there as well! It's Saturday, September 6 from 8am-noon at 3317 Burks Ln, in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood!


  1. Shoot girl I wish Id found you earlier! I live in south Austin and would love to do another one sometime! I bet I have 150 too!



  2. don't think I can catch a flight in time to be there! darn.....

  3. WOW wish I was close enough to come check your sale out :) I hope your day is fun and you are making LOTSA $$$

  4. Thanks for hosting! It was nice to sell some stuff. Too bad I went to Hobby Lobby a few hours later and bought a bunch of nestabilities with my profits----LOL. Let's do this again next year!


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