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Monday, October 6, 2008

A little thumb thing for you!!

Well, Monica, my Hambo Stamps boss, went and did it again! She dreamed up a challenge that was just that - a challenge!! She sent all of her design team gals a mystery package - we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into until it arrived! LOL! It turned out to be the cute Fingerprint and Little Thumb Thing stamps. (scroll down through the "doubles" to find them...) We were to think up some creative new use for these stamps. Right away I thought of what I would do. And, this isn't it! LOL! The thing I was going to do required me to alter something, and I stink at altering, so... that idea is on the backburner for now. But what I did come up with, I am so excited about!!! I think it's just too fun! I bought a "Taste of Home Halloween Party Favorites" magazine at the grocery store recently, and saw a recipe for Witch's Hairy Finger Breadsticks. The lightbulb in my brain went on once again, and I knew I had to make these for a gift tin and pair them with the "Just a little thumb thing..." sentiment!!! Plus - I've mentioned before - I *love* Halloween!! So I'm excited that my project ended up being Halloween-themed too. As a matter of fact, it fits in with what I'm going to do all week here - but more on that in a minute... first I have to tell you more about this project!! See the tag?? See the little bat on the tag?? WELL - his body is the fingerprint stamp!! I traced the wings from one of my (smelly) Making Memories plastic embellishments, and drew on his little face. I think he turned out so cute!! Yay, me! LOL. I have to show you one other photo - a close up stack of some of my witch's finger breadsticks. Aren't they awesome? Ok, I would rather have had more turn out long and bony, instead I have a witch with short, pudgy fingers. Ah well. But I love how the almond slices make the fingernails, and shredded parmesan is supposed to be hair. Super duper fun. I ate a few of them fresh from the oven, they are quite yummy, too. But all that green food coloring may come back to "haunt" me later... LOL. (as Monica would say - be sure to select "grossed out by her bathroom humor" when you unsubscribe...!) ;-) But if you're still with me - I do want you to leave, and blurf on over to check out the fingerprint creations by the rest of the team - Monica, Judy, Jane and MacKenzie! But be sure to come back and read the next paragraph........................

Ok, now a little more about the tease I threw out a minute ago - I'm declaring this week on the ol' blog A HAPPY HAMBO HALLOWEEN WEEK!! I've mentioned before that I love the entire Halloween page over at Hambo Stamps. And now, I *own* most of that page - so I'm going to get them good and inky this week and share some fun and spooky creations with you! And here's the best part - Monica says I can offer you all a discount in conjunction with my Hambo Week!! Woohoo!!!! So, when you rush over to go on your Hambo shopping spree, be sure to include the code LIBLUVSHAMBO and you will get 15% off your order!!! AND - their usual free shipping deal still applies. So spend spend spend, and let Monica know I sent you, so I earn my keep on the team and she'll keep me around...! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!! And sorry about all the exclamation points!!!!! That's what happens when I'm working on a post in the wee hours - I go even more crazy than usual with the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  1. Wow! So cool! I love your creativity, Libby!

  2. This is awesome Libby! Great way to kick off the week!

  3. OMG - the bat is soooo cute and WOW on the breadsticks!!!

    You crack me up!!

  4. This is SO creative Libby! I LOVE your bat -- he's too cute to be scary -- and the breadstick project is just perfect for Halloween, and to go along with the thumb sentiment! GREAT job ... thanks for playing! :)

  5. What a cute project! Your bat is adorable.

  6. OMG!! This is awesome!! Love the thumbprint bat!! :) Those fingers are just too cool!! TSMFS!!!

  7. Fantastic...I showed my 11 yo ds and he said, "!"

  8. Great idea -- gross but cute, KWIM?! Perfectly Halloween-ie!!!

  9. How great is that!!! I love your tag, the tin and the pudgy fingers. They are totally gross and ever so funny.
    You really aced this challenge, Libby!

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    how was your day?
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    you are fantastic!!!

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  11. LIbby it's just too stinkin' bad that we don't have smell-o-vision on our computers! Those hairy fingers look yucky, I mean yummy! LOL

    Love the thumb print bat too! He's adorable.

  12. Fabulously grotesque!!!! Love 'em!!!!
    (And I love exclamation points, too!!!!) hehe

  13. You should make a stamp that says Vampires Suck. Ha ha!

  14. You are one clever lady! Thanks for the great ideas!

  15. Ewe...gross...(lol)! No, really I think these are too cute and clever, Libby!! I LOVE your creative and adorable bat too!! Super fun stuff, girl!!

  16. Oh, my GOSH! Those fingers are AWESOME, but gross, but AWESOME! Love your little thumbprint bat, too!


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