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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From Carter's Closet?

Carter pulled this shirt out to wear today - his "George the Monkey shirt" - he hadn't worn it in quite a while (and it's quite small on him - a trend with my kids' clothes these days!). As we were playing at the park this afternoon it occurred to me that it is a monkey shirt, and goes along with this week's From Courtney's Closet monkey theme. So... if you want to do a monkey card but aren't feeling it with the pink, here's another option for you... :D (or maybe it's just an excuse to post another photo of my sweet boy? Who knows... ;-) )


  1. Carter is a CUTIE -- Love Curious George!! So FUN! :)

  2. YES-- I think you could alternate weeks -- do a Carter's Closet and a Courtney's Closet -- I think it would be a FABULOUS idea! :)

  3. Hi, Carter! Gosh, Libby, look what a little man he's getting to be. Just as handsome as ever and such a sweet, sweet smile.


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