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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!!

I don't know about you, but I am SO HAPPY that this election is finally coming to a close today! It's been such an incredibly long process. To help show just how long it's been... here's Carter this morning, holding that Future President onesie that I showed Courtney in a few posts back. And to the right is Carter wearing it, back in February 2007, when we went to a campaign rally for one of the candidates. Look how much my sweetpea has grown during this election!!! His baby sister was just a dream at that point! Now, I'm not trying to be political here, I'm not telling you who to vote for - I'm just really happy today, and want to commemorate it on my blog. If you don't like it please just click on to the next blog - please don't spoil my day with ugly comments!! However - if you are proud of how far our country has come in the past 40 years, I have a really great article you might want to read. It's a proud day today where my sister works, at the LBJ Presidential Library!! :-) Which ever candidate you support - get out there and vote!! (Carole said it way better than I ever could have!!)
ETA: Ok I can't help myself... I got all distracted, going through my old photo files looking for the one up above. I have to post a couple more!!! Here's my sweet boy near the end of that rally, looking at me with those gorgeous big, blue eyes!And this was the first time I put Carter in that Future President onesie, way back when he was a mere five months old. I just want to squeeze those cheeks and thighs!!


  1. It's so funny to see those photos side-by-side. February 2007 seems soooo long ago in that perspective!

  2. OMG! He was so tiny. I love that little kiddo and that one of his first words was "Obamamamamamama!"

  3. It has indeed been a long process and seeing how much Carter has grown just proves the point. Except, I bet it doesn't feel that long since Carter was so tiny and yet the election process feels like ages, LOL.

  4. That "emo" hairstyle was SO 2007! Yes, sadly, it dates him. Still, having the pictures to compare is a great way to see the "retro" Carter! LOL (Love those big blue eyes!)

  5. What a CUTE little guy -- he's grown so much!!

    BTW -- the article was GREAT!!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. We vote by mail here in Oregon, so this last minute hoopla is a little strange...we could vote weeks ago! Now the waiting begins!!!!

    You have the cutest babies! Carter was such a chub!

  7. Awwww... he is soooo cute!!! And getting so BIG! And are you surprised that my Carter had a similar tee?! His was from the JFK library... :)

  8. Look at that sweet boy! He's sooooo big now!

  9. Oh my goodness what a cutie! This really does make you realize how long this whole things been going on! I voted and I always feel good after I do!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm glued to MSNBC right now. Just checking in with you. These photos of Carter and the onesie are a great way to celebrate this historic day. They're adorable! I hope I haven't changed that much during this time...


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