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Friday, November 21, 2008

RAK from Allison

Well this bit of happy mail certainly had me grinning from ear to ear! Not only did I get this extremely adorable card from the one and only Allison, but just look at the stamp she threw in with it!!! REAL WOMEN LOVE HOCKEY. Sweeeeeet!!! For some reason they don't include such rubber goodness in the dollar bins at Mike's here in Texas! Ok maybe I know why - because people here are CLUELESS about hockey. Sure, there are some exceptions (mostly northern transplants like myself) - but c'mon. We had a minor league team for a while here in Austin (but they didn't survive) - they were called the Ice Bats. You see, Austin has a very cool bat population for part of the year that we are very proud of, so Bats was a fun name. But they had to call them the ICE Bats so the silly people here would realize hockey is a game played on ice. *sigh* Anywayzzzz... thanks for the super cool RAK, Allison!!


  1. That is an awesome stamp! I'm going to have to check my Mike's, but I doubt they'll have it. Let go Pens!

  2. Then that makes me a REAL woman too -- in case there was any doubt! Go Red Wings! Go Lightning! Come be my pool boy Steve Yzerman!

  3. I gotta have that stamp!!! Go Bruins!!!

  4. Sweet RAK, Libby!! Pretty card, and the stamp rocks too!!

  5. Cool! A pretty card, too. Guess you'll be making cards to send to your friends up north with your new stamp. I can see how hockey wouldn't be a big thing in Texas, although a nice, cool hockey rink (is that what they're called?) might be nice in the heat of the summer.


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