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Friday, November 21, 2008

RAK from Leslie

Oh lucky me!!!! I don't mean to brag (ok, maybe I do!) but I actually have quite a nice stack of Leslie Originals in my possession!!! I was the very lucky recipient of one of her GORGEOUS Thanksgiving cards this week!! Oh to be able to pull off simple elegance the way Leslie can! Hmm. Perhaps step 1 is actually creating a card without polka dots?? Ack. Perhaps I'll leave simple elegance to the pros, and stick with my own style, cute and silly. :D Thanks Leslie, I *love* the card!!


  1. oh you Lucky Duck!(That's a good thing coming from Oregon)

  2. It's beautiful, Libby!! I love Leslie's style, and your own is pretty darn great too!! ;)

  3. I love your cute and silly cards. You inspire me with them. I'm glad you like the card I sent, even though it's not exactly a "fun" card. Happy Thanksgiving, Libby!


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