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Friday, August 7, 2009

From Courtney's Closet #51 - Roundup!

If you're looking for the Our Craft Lounge bloghop, please scroll down or click here.

Last week I changed things up just a little and shared a photo of Courtney's big brother, Carter, instead! It was a rare photo where he was actually looking at the camera, and smiling! *gasp*I love the cards it inspired, here they are...
First there was Kate, who gave me the idea to share a photo of Carter this week! I just love her cute card! She was worried that she didn't have a dino stamp, and instead used a dragon. Well first, it doesn't matter. But second - she did a superb job getting rid of his fire & wings, I think! :-)Kathryn made this polka-dotted cutie, which of course I love!Sue's card just makes me smile, what a CUTE blue dragon carrying pressies!It was very fitting that the Spicey Cat Chick made an adorable cat card! LOVE the gems in the button holes!I hope Jenn doesn't mind that I'm using this sweet photo of her cutie holding up her card! And how FUN that she made her card shaped like a shirt!! I've been meaning for ages to make an FCCC card in the shape of clothing - now you've inspired me again Jenn, I may have to do that soon...!And finally my favorite - Sharon! Her card is really clean & simple, which is nice, and I think the image she used is completely CUTE! Sharon, send me an email if you'd like my "featured" button for your blog.Thanks everyone for playing along this week!! And thanks for stopping by!
ETA: My geeky brother, who loves all things dragon AND dinosaur, gave the definite "seal of approval" on using dragon stamps in place of dino stamps. He pointed out that dragon legends probably began when people found dino bones. So there ya have it! ;-) (He couldn't, however, approve of using dogs or cats in place of dinos, lol! But no worries, he's not a stamper so he doesn't understand... hee hee)
ETA#2: My brother was highly offended when I claimed he was not a stamper, so I have to show you that he actually played along with the Cinema Saturday Challenge a while back, look here. Pretty cool & geeky, aye? :-)


  1. But he didn't stamp the card, he made it digitally. That does not qualify him as a stamper, but rather just a crafty person! Of course I love my big brother anyway, but he should not be offended!

  2. Lots of cute cards this week! Joey will be honored that he made it onto your website.

  3. I wasn't *really* offended.

    Libby pointed out the no-stamps thing, but I pointed out that I used exactly as many stamps on my card as she used on this one :)

  4. congratulations to everyone featured including my friend sharon!! she always has wonderful creations. :)

  5. Super sweet pics of the kids, Libby!! What fun!!

  6. On another CL blog, the random generator said max 100 when the winner was a number above 100.

    I think everyone knows you are trust worthy.


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