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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crafting with Carter!

Yesterday my son Carter told me he wanted to do an art project, so I thought it was the perfect time to do something I've been wanting to do for ages (but of course keep forgetting) - I told him about the Children's Challenge Corner!

Children's Challenge Corner

The current challenge for kids is to make a card with animals. Carter loves animals more than just about anything, so it was perfect! I pulled out a bunch of his supplies - paper, ink, an old stamp set that's now part of HIS stash, scissors, markers, glue - and encouraged him to create whatever he felt like making. Here he is hard at work:

After a while he got really sick of me asking him to look at the camera...

And here's his finished card!

I suggested he write "hello" on it, and then we could mail it to someone. He decided to add "Carter" because writing your own name is about the most fun thing there is when you're four! And as for the mailing - sadly he's just like his mommy, he opted to hoard the card. It's now hanging on his bedroom wall! Which is cool, actually - shows he's proud of it. :-)

Big thanks to Julie, Emma, Anna, Ethan, Aaron & Owen for giving us this fun challenge to do! We love your blog - such a wonderful idea.


  1. So. Totally. Adorable. I love his card--he deserves to keep it!! :) Sweet little boy you have there.

  2. Carter, adorable card!
    Libby, I love the photo of him tired of looking at the camera.

  3. I love his card!!! and I totally agree with Anita...that picture is priceless!! Makes me laugh right out loud every time I look at it. He reminds me of Mary Ann's dog Snickers!

  4. Wow Carter your card is fantastic!I love all the animals and all the colours you used! Great writing too!

    Love your post Libby and THAT photo!!

  5. Precious time together! Love the photos and Carter's expression made me laugh out loud! :)

  6. Totally giggled over the grumpy camera face!!!! LOL

    GREAT JOB CARTER!!!!! You did SUCH an AWESOME job cutting out all of those animals, and WOW on your Handwriting.... EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!

  7. Carter your card came out so great!! I love how you used all the fun animals and even wrote your name on it! Thanks so much for playing along with our challenge - I hope you can again! :)

  8. That is awesome! I especially love the second photo, ha ha ha! :)

  9. That is so sweet Libby! I love it when my C crafts with really is a bonding time, isn't it?

  10. Good job, Carter! I like these stamps, too!

  11. Carter! I LOVE your card! Its so cute!
    Thanks for playing!



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