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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Texas Tuesday gone batty.

Hey y'all, it's Texas Tuesday time! Today I have a card featuring one of the coolest things about my town Austin - our Mexican free-tail bat colony!

It's the largest urban bat population in the world. At dusk a million or so bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue bridge downtown. People gather to watch and cheer on the bats, who are off to rid our fair city of 20,000 or so nasty mosquitoes (and other bugs) each night.

I adore this beautiful stamp from Texana Designs honoring our dear bats. And I adore Jimmye Sue, owner of Texana Designs, who sent me this stamp for my birthday! She is one of the nicest ladies around. This stamp is so Austin and I absolutely love it!

Last night I was in the mood to watercolor. That's about all there is to this card!

I've added a list of my Texas Tuesday friends to my sidebar - click around and see what other fabulous Texas creations were shared this time around. Definitely make sure and visit Mark today at Deadbeat Designs - he has a new Texas ornament stamp that I am LOVING!!

Happy trails,

  • Stamps: Bats and Bridge by Granny Heifer for Texana Designs
  • Paper: Hero Arts Kraft, Stampin' Up purple, watercolor paper
  • Ink: StazOn Black, Watercolor crayons
  • Accessories: black embroidery floss, scissors for edge distressing


  1. You did an awesome job watercoloring. Of all the many times we have gone to Austin, I have not yet seen all those bats. Still on "the list"! Beautiful card, I love it!

  2. nice job! makes me want to break out my watercolors!

  3. Beautiful water coloring! Bats give me the creeps... I guess I should be glad I don't live in Texas! ;)

  4. How cool is that? I like the little trivia tidbit too (I love reading informational signs along the husband always teases me about it!).

  5. Awesome card! What a tribute to our colony of bats! The watercoloring is so lovely. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. OH! HELL! NO!!!!! I Was stationed at FT Hood, TX back in late 89 to early92.... When I had first gotten there (I came from Eastern Oregon mind you) we were all sitting outside enjoying the cooler evening air. Well there I was sittin on top of those big electric box thingies outside of the barracks... then all of a sudden this "night bird" was flying around, I thought that strange as all of our birds go to BED at dark... not this sucker... I made a comment and some Southerner filled me in on the Bat thing...AAACK!!! I have TOTALLY seen Scooby Doo and know they are NOT FRIENDLY... since then I have had one LITTERALLY CHASE ME from 2nd store through living room, out French doors and around to the other side of the house... Friendly my ass... they are NASTY!!!!! YOU KEEP THEM IN TEXAS DEAR FRIEND!!!! BLECH!!!!!


    PS Great Card though!!! LOL

  7. Your watercoloring is fantastic!
    I love bats. i have a few living here in our forest. We've put up bat houses for them. I can sit out and watch them for hours as they scoop up the twilight bugs.

  8. Just one more reason I love your blog: I learn something new practically every time I read it! I did not know this about the bats... very interesting! I still need to come see you and have you take me around Austin. Great EDUCATIONAL card! :)

  9. Wonderful card Libby! I love the colours and soft, dreamy look of the watercolours. Amazing photo too, I've never seen so many bats together!

  10. Oh my gosh, Libby. What a fantastic image! We have bats down at our lake, too, and when they come out in the evening I'm always so happy to see them. Can't imagine how many bugs we would have without them. Love your card in tribute.

  11. I'm sorry I'm late posting this. I didn't even see it in my reader. :(

    I love this, and now I'll have to ask my sister, who also lives in Austin, if she's seen them.

    Great card!


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