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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Scrapbook Club - in search of zebras

Today's layout captures a day when my kids and I went on a quest to find zebras. Carter was on a big zebra kick and had been recently disappointed that we couldn't find any during a trip to the zoo. So we headed south of Austin to one of those drive-thru nature parks and got super duper up close and personal with some zebras and other animals. It was really neat.

That first image is clickable for more detail. And here are the two pages:

I don't like all that empty green space, but what can I say - I'm rusty. Or I'm stuck in my circa 2001 scrapbooking style. :-)

By the way, Carter's favorite animal is now the cheetah. Poor zebras...!

My scrappin' buddy Sarah made a page today too, hop on over and check it out! :-)

Happy weekend,

PS... Does anyone have hints for layout photography? Because I pretty much stink at it!


  1. These are so fun! A wonderful memory for him when he gets older! Thanks for the share, Libby!

  2. This is wonderful, Libby! Love the bright green and black paired together! Such fun! We went to a similar park up here this summer and had such a good time. :)

    I struggle with taking pics of layouts too. For now I've found the best place here is on top of our towel bar in the downstairs bathroom. Hee hee. :)

  3. Your pages look fantastic, Libby, and it looks like such a wonderful experience!!

  4. I personally think all the green space is perfect. If it was too busy, it would detract from the animals.

    I tend to place my layout in my scor-pal so it will lie flat (and then just piece the 2 pics together when it is a double layout). I also have gotten where I take pictures of crafty side outside most of the time.

  5. Super fun the mix of pictures (I am leery of working with more than one or two!). I have no suggestions on the photographing of these...I am bit of a dunce on that one!

  6. I giggled w/ the whole 2001 thing, but truth be told, I'm the same way-I don't do 12x12 layouts anymore b/c I think it's a waste of $ to put 1 pic on a page, but that seems to be the trend, right? I do 8x8' s for now but I LOVE this 2 page spread and think you have just the right amt of space vs. pics. Great job! I wouldn't have known you were rusty unless you'd said so ;)

  7. FABULOUS! These pages do tell a great fun time at with the zebras. That's what scrapbooking is about! Love this!! I am still trying to make a of these days, I will :)

  8. Hi Libby, I just found your blog from Betty's blog. Reading about Texas, especially Autin reminds me of the good times we had long time ago. I really wish I could visit again. The zoo I visited was the one in Houston.
    And this LO are sooo great. So simple and really tell us the happy time you had.

  9. Ohhhh, supha dupha fun double!!! The photos are great, got to love the zebra's big grin!!!! Looks like an amazing place to take your kids!

  10. So fun Libby! Love your wildlife layout! Great idea to get back into scrapbooking and to have someone do it with you is perfect motivation! I started out scrapping before I even made cards so it's great inspiration!

  11. What FUN pages! Oh my gosh, Carter must have been so happy to get so close. That one zebra looks like he is totally smiling! lol

  12. What a fun layout! Why can't I scrap our visits to the zoo??? As to how to photograph those, I stick them to a well lit (by natural light) wall with blue tack on my eyes hight and take a pic. Usually it's quite easy to crop them afterwards. Hope that helps! :)


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