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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Scrapbook Club

Back before I started stamping, I was a scrapbooker. I put together scrapbooks of the trips my husband and I went on before we had kids. I would joke that I wanted to have kids because they'd be so much fun to scrapbook! Then a couple things happened. I started stamping, and enjoying the instant gratification that comes from finishing a card (hours) vs. finishing a scrapbook (days, weeks, months!), and I also got it in my head that my kids' layouts had to be perfect. I'm trying to put that silly notion behind me now and just get them done, before my kids are grown and I've forgotten all the details of the thousands of photos I've taken! By the way, that's another thing that's been holding me back - the sheer volume of photos, all sitting there on my computer taunting me. It can be truly overwhelming! So in an attempt to get more scrapbooking out of me, I decided to start posting my layouts here on Saturdays. I don't claim to be any sort of master scrapbooker, but I just want to force myself to make time to DO IT. I figure if I target posting at least one layout here each week, in a year I'll have 52 layouts done - not too shabby!! And today I even have two to show you, woohoo! These were actually mostly done at a crop many weeks ago, but had been sitting unfinished since I got home from the crop that night. Now they are FINISHED. Yay!!

First up is one of Carter camping last March (inspired by a sketch in Scrapbooks, Etc magazine.):

And here's one of my sweet little ballerina, from her first day wearing her leotard and ballet slippers at dance class:

In the future I'll try to be better about keeping track of products used and all that. But for these I was just trying to get them done & didn't pay a whole lot of attention.

My friends Sarah and Michelle are getting in on the Saturday posting action too, although Michelle isn't starting until next week. But make sure and check in with them on Saturdays and see what they're up to. Anyone else want to join us?? Do you have a gazillion photos that you need to get off the computer or out of shoeboxes and into books?

I hope my cardmaking friends will forgive me for this Saturday scrapbook intrusion. :-)

Happy creating!


  1. Yay, Libby! These are WONDERFUL! LOVE the ribbon on your daughter's layout. :)

  2. As I said to Sarah, I think this is a GREAT idea - I want to make a scrapbook for our first grandchild, and I got stalled out at about 8 months or so, so maybe seeing you and Sarah and Michelle will inspire me to finish it (he's 18 months now!). Thanks, Libby, great inspiration!

  3. Such a fabulous idea and I love your pages, Libby! You did an awesome job matching up the papers with your photos. And I love how you have added details to your pages, but they don't distract from the super cute photos!!!

  4. So happy that you ladies are doing this! I LOVE to see layouts! The first one with the block design is fabulous! I love the ribbon treatment on the ballerina one! Such cute photos too! Thanks for sharing, Libby!

  5. Wow, these layouts are gorgeous, Libby!

  6. Absoutely awesome Libby! wish I could motivated to scrap my lil boys!

  7. FANTASTIC pages, Libby! Love yout titles for the pages as they are perfectly fitting! Love your Scrappy Saturday idea...I will try to hand in one (if it is EVER presentable). Now I'm inspired.... :)

  8. These are amazing! I need to remember to post my scrap pages. I get a couple done but forget to post. I will try to remember to photograph them and post them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. So wonderful to see a layout of yours! I love especially the second one, with your little ballerina! So sweet!

  10. These are wonderful Libby! I keep telling myself that I'm going to get scrapping - I've been telling myself that through 5 grandchildren now - yikes. One of these days .....


  11. I think this is the best idea! Giving yourself to do one a week will make you do it! It doesn't have to be perfect takes too long and maybe steals the joy! I really should start scrapbooking. But I have no idea where to start! :> Such great LO's! And great idea to be inspired, get it done faster and more!

  12. Your pages look fantastic, Libby...and of course your subjects are just darling too!!

    I have no patience for "You go girl!". *wink*


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