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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Princess Party + a GIVEAWAY!

Last Friday my sweet girl turned three, and on Saturday we celebrated with a princess party! Courtney is all about princesses these days, and dressing up in princess costumes, so of course that's the theme she wanted for her party. I thought I'd show you some of the ideas, in case you will be throwing a princess party of your own in the near future! :-)

First of all, we invited all of the little princesses and princes to come dressed up, if they wanted to. To go with their costumes, I made crowns for all the kids as party favors. My friend Julie helped me with lots of ideas, and finally I settled on this great tutorial from Jessica Levitt.

I used my Big Shot to cut out the felt flowers. I'm fairly new to sewing, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

To decorate the "ballroom", my sister Laura and I made a ton of tissue paper pompoms using Martha Stewart's tutorial. Laura also showed me a link where they hung streamers up on the ceiling, so we did that with some tablecover. Laura was my hero, she did all the hanging from way up on the ladder, yikes!**

You can also see all the finished crowns in the photo above. I made blue ones for the princes. Here's my prince wearing his crown earlier in the week:

I had two crafts for the kids to do. First, a magic wand. I got the idea for it on Just Mommies. They have a big pack of pretty pastel straws in the Target dollar spot right now, so that was perfect! (well, almost perfect - nonbendy straws would have been better!) I also found a pack of precut stars at a teacher supply store for $2, which was just easier than me having to cut them out myself. And of course I have a massive ribbon stash so I didn't have to buy anything new there!!

I wanted the second craft to appeal a bit more to the boys, so we did a shield. I have a massive stash of lightweight chipboard from all the paper packs I've bought over the past 10 years of papercrafting (!) so I used them as the base. I just drew a basic shield shape and cut them all out. Then the kids used squares of aluminum foil and a glue stick to cover the chipboard. I bought a pack of foam letters at the craft store that they used to add their name.

I cut out sandwiches with a glass slipper cookie cutter, and cheese with a crown.

And here's my princess with one of her sweet princess friends, having a ton of fun at her party!

Eating her birthday cake...

And opening presents.

Notice anything in these photos? Yes, my princess felt the need to change her clothes multiple times throughout the party! :-) And she got a blue Cinderella dress at the party from her Grammy, and has barely taken that one off since!

Courtney loved her party - throughout the afternoon, after everyone had gone home, she kept saying "Mommy I am so happy right now!!". Such a little sweetie!

And now the giveaway - I had a couple princesses cancel at the last minute, so I have an extra crown. If you'd like a crown for your own princess, leave me a comment by midnight CST Friday night mentioning who you'd like to have it for, and on Saturday I will draw a winner. The crown will probably fit ages 1-4. My son thought they were a little snug on his 5yr old head, so I made ones with longer elastic for the older kids. And keep in mind the sewing is not perfect. Or straight. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

** no, I did NOT buy all of those princess tables - my friend did for her daughter's party, and lucky me, I got to borrow them! :-)


  1. Fabulous job, Libby! You rock the party scene. ;) Must not let my little princess see this post or I'll be in BIG trouble. ;) You know she'd love a crown for her 4 year old head. :) Thanks for the chance. :)

  2. WOW!! What a fantastic party for your little sweet princess (and prince!). I did a princess party for my daughter when she was 3 too! So long ago - she turns 18 a month from tomorrow......

    You totally rocked that, my friend!

  3. OOPS! That was me in that last comment. I was working on the challenge tomorrow and forgot I was signed in..... :)

  4. Oh my, Libby! Every little girl's dream! The little dresses and crowns and decorated room are all so very sweet! And your pretty sandwiches and cheese crowns are just perfect! I think you're pretty amazing Libby!
    (please don't include me in this give away)
    lavender & roses - Susanne

  5. i was LOLing at all the costume changes, so cute! don't enter me, my princess has a huge 7 yr old cranium, i just wanted to say how great i think the party turned out

  6. My little Minime would love, love, LOVE one of your hand made crowns. Your party looked spectacular! Thank you.

  7. Oh my goodness, Libby! What a day to remember! Fabulous job on all the decor, food and fun! I have two grown boys so I would not need the crown but I love it. . .just adorable!

  8. What an AWESOME party! Thanks for all the great crafty ideas. I love the shield. I'm often crafting with my 3 godchildren (2 princesses and a prince) and struggle with 'boy' ideas. The girls are SUPER bummed when Auntie Cathy comes over and there's no craft!

    Thanks for offering up your extra crown - someone will be so happy to get it!

  9. I remember having parties like this for my little pony, strawberry shortcake, Herself the Elf and many more! What fun memories you have created Mommy! And yes, I noticed the wardrobe change right off the bat! LOL

  10. What a fabulous party! I love how you also made a prince crown. I know my 4 year old niece is obsessed with princesses...she would LOVE this crown!

  11. Love, love LOVE these pictures...Too cute :) Any princess in my life is now sadly past the crown stage, so I hope you can give it to someone who would love it !

  12. Libby, you did an awesome job. The crowns look great. All the party details are awesome. Your daughter is adorable and that is so sweet that she told you how happy the party made her. Appreciation is always loved, I know. Not completely sure my 15-month old princess would like the crown. She hasn't made it to the dress up stage just yet, although I keep trying with the fabulous tutus my friend made for her (pretty similar to the one you posted a tutorial for a little while back, but instead of tied, she used some kind of elastic for the waist).

  13. Those crowns are precious! Looks like a great party!

  14. Libby, you threw a party absolutely fit for that sweet little pack of princesses (and princes)! SO well done!!! And I do love your DD's outfit changes too!

    Please let me out of your generous drawing, though, as the littlest princess in my life is already 8.

  15. OH MY--those crowns and wands are super cute! LOVE them! I bet your daughter will remember this bday forever! LOVE!! Precious memories in the making:)

  16. Looks like you get a lot of princess laundry like me! LOL! Such a cute party! You did a fantastic job! And so lucky your friend has all those tables! My princess would love a pretty crown, great job you did on them!

  17. That looks like a lot of fun Libby!! Those crowns are too cute. I can't say I need the crown for my girls, they're 20 and 18 now :).. But I would like to enter the draw.. the pastor's wife has her 2 year old granddaughter living in town now, and she's a princess... a total girl and has the royalty wave down pat for just turned 2 :)

  18. What a great party. My little 2 year old would love a crown. She just got a trunk of princess dress up clothes for her birthday last month. Of course there wasn't a descent crown in there. Just some fabric on a piece of elastic. Your crowns are so much better.
    bhoward at kci dot net

  19. I am sending this post to my friend with the little princess...great idea for a party!! You are so awesome!!!
    If I win I know a happy little princess!!

  20. Wow Libby, what a fab party! It must have taken ages to prepare - love the decorations, food and crafts for the princesses and princes! Your felt crowns are absolutely brilliant! No little princesses here so please don't include my name in the draw. Courtney is too funny with her costume changes, well a princess has to do what a princess has to do!

  21. I would love to win it for my friend, Maddi. She is 5, in kindergarten and has type 1 diabetes. She lives in pain and fear each and every day, but goes about like the little princess that she is! She was recently chosen to be one of the ambassadors for Canada... and is so excited! A beautiful crown would just be the topping on the cake!

    Your work is wonderful! TFS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the changing of the dresses!

  22. what a pretty party Libby...Love all the sweet picutres! HUGS

  23. Libby, such cuteness! You did a fab job sewing those crowns, and the whole party looked like such a success. You're a great mommy. :)

  24. what gorgeous crowns, and such a fab party!

  25. This looks like such a fun party! Your crowns are fantastic, you talented, crafty mommy, you!

  26. Oh Libby! What a fun party! Little Courtney has grown up so fast!!

  27. Amazing - what blessed children to have such a creative mummy.
    p.s. please don't put me in the draw


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