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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365-ish: Week 5

The 5th week of 2011 was an adventure here in the Hickson household! It began with playing outside in the nice weather, riding bikes! But leave it to my little princess to throw a tantrum ON HER BIKE! Who can be grumpy while on a bike?? I just don't get it.

Ok, the reason she was upset was because I wanted her to go inside and put on something other than a princess dress that would get caught in the wheels and pedals. So she... did?

We had to do a load of princess laundry, it was badly in need of a washing. I sure wish MY laundry looked this fun!

My dear son decided to write a message on his bedroom door, in marker. He is SO LUCKY this washed off easily!! And by the way, it says "Carter NO Mom!" I wasn't feeling the love...

I spent a large amount of last week doing princess party prep! But more on that in a future post...

By mid-week the temperatures began to fall again. I saw some readings on my SUV that I don't normally ever see!

And on Friday morning we woke up to SNOW!! We get MAYBE one day of snow a year, so the kids were soooo excited to get outside and play! (But notice what Courtney insisted on wearing...)

Yes, friends and family to the north, this is the amount of snow that cancels school in Austin and basically shuts down our fair city! But remember, we also don't have salt trucks, so the roads are quite slippery when this happens...

Friday was also Courtney's 3rd birthday, so she thought it was a pretty special birthday treat to get to play in the snow and then warm up with some hot cocoa!

Until next time...


  1. i feel JUST like that first picture every single morning LOL <3

  2. Wonderful post, Libby! It's fun seeing what you've been up to during the week and I laughed the whole way though the post - brilliant!

  3. I see a little princess attitude in that first pic LOL! My girls used to love those tutu's. I made them many, but I used elastic for the waste bands so they could put then on themselves. And that door...I must say Carter is a lucky boy that came off! Did you get the msg Mom? LOL

  4. LOVE that first photo the best!!! TOOO darn funny!!! THanks for sharing Libby!!!

  5. Love the pics!! So cute!! :) :) :)

  6. LOL at your daughter's face on her bike. Don't you just want to make fun of them for being so silly...and love your daughter's shirt in that last pic. :) it's true.

  7. OHHHHHHH! That first pic is precious! I LOVE that you are documenting your life--I enjoy reading these posts! I know it might not be fun at the time...but just know that it was enjoyable for me;) And someday I will have the same issues with my kids! So this gives me good practice or notes as to what I should do when they want to wear princess dresses all day everyday:) LOVE IT!

    Super cute crowns! Yours looks so much better than mine! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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