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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 365-ish: Week 10

The 10th week of 2011 started out on a very happy note when I saw my favorite sign that spring is here - a sweet little lone bluebonnet. Sigh. Oh how I love bluebonnets!

Mardi Gras was this week and the kids got crafty. You can read all about it here - and here's a photo of Courtney creating her Mardi Gras mask.

I explained to the kids about Mardi Gras being the party before Lent, and how some people give up things during Lent. Carter decided he would give up chocolate milk, and Courtney declared she was giving up Chuck E Cheese's. Like we go there a lot. LOL!

Carter had his first soccer practice with his new team - North Mexico! He's so excited to be on a team with his friend Rachel this spring!

We did our biweekly trip to the library, where Courtney was thrilled to find her favorite book available for checkout.

Carter was equally excited to find they have superhero books at the library!

Carter loves working on cards with me in my stamp cave. I have a desk in there just for him.

I took the kids to a free demo Music Together class. They thought the class was alright, but by far their favorite part was getting to "wash" the windows afterward!

Here's my sweet and silly girl when we went out to dinner at Rudino's.

And finally, on Sunday we went to a birthday party at the Children's Museum for one of Courtney's classmates. A private party - we had the entire museum to ourselves! Very cool! Courtney loved taking care of the animals in the "vet clinic".

And Carter enjoyed the exhibits they had set up that were all about motion (aka physics!). This big rollercoaster was his favorite, he got to drop balls from the top and watch them go.

We had a special treat when we came out of the museum - a little parade of marching bands going by! I still don't know what the parade was for, but it was funky and very Austin. A bunch of supertalented ragamuffin musicians. Good times!

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