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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365-ish: Week 9

After a great start to the year, I've completely fallen behind on these family updates! Darn it! Well tonight I'm catching up on three weeks of activity in the Hickson household, and hopefully that will get me back on track going forward! In a few days I'm going to edit these to back-date them to the correct dates, when I should have posted them... ;-)

So let's see - during week 9 we went and visited the neighborhood fire station! I've heard Carter explain to other people now that firefighters are real-life superheroes, and also the nicest people on the planet. I've taught him well. :-)

This is a not-so-great phone picture, but it was so cute of Courtney I had to include it anyway. She's finally started doing big smiles and not those goofy smiles she did for the longest time!

Brother and sister are so sweet with each sometimes...

And other times, not so much!*

One morning we went on an outing to Mayfield Park and Mt. Bonnell. If you're curious, I posted the full rundown here. But this is a photo of the kids taking in the view from Mt. Bonnell.

The kids both went for their annual well-checks with Dr. Petropoulos. I'm not sure why Carter was holding up his hands like this, LOL!

If you're at all curious about their stats - at 5yrs, Carter weighs 43.5 lbs (55%-tile), is 44.5" tall (75%-tile) and has a BMI of 15.4 (45%-tile). Courtney at 3yrs weighs 31.5 lbs (50%-tile), is 37.5" tall (55%-tile) and has a BMI of 15.7 (50%-tile). Did you know they calculated BMI for preschoolers???!

And finally, we started getting our backyard fixed up a bit, including the planting of Carter's favorite thing in the garden - tomatoes!

Thanks for checking in with us. :-)

* Just kidding, she's still hugging him not strangling him - but the way the photo was captured cracks me up!

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  1. Such a fun project--I really think I should do one (esp. if I have kids!). Love the pic of your doctor's visit! That is def. cute!!!

    Hope you all are doing well! Hugs:)


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