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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Geek Week Day 3 - Happy Mole Day!!

Today is a holiday in the geek world! Did you know that? It's actually the entire reason why I picked this particular week of all weeks to dedicate my blog to Geek Week! Today is Mole Day!! Mole Day is celebrated each year from 6:02am until 6:02pm on 10/23. If I were an on-the-ball blogger, I would have had this post live at 6:02am. Sadly I haven't been an on the ball blogger in years. But I do love Mole Day! I'll tell you a little more about it below, but first today's card:

This is me in high school chemistry class! Except I never had a lab coat. And I'm not blond. And I'm not cute. But WHATEVER, it's totally me. ;-) Seriously, isn't she the cutest? Most of all I love that she's a she! She is from TSG's Cutie Pi set. The awesome sentiment is TSG's Chem 101. And that fab periodic table-inspired background is Sweet Stamp Shop's Chemistry. Since one of the elements included is silver, I thought it appropriate to use silver ink. The girl is colored with Copics and popped up. OH! And see that cute little oval shadow below her? That's from Paper Smooches' Shadows set - such an awesomely useful set!! (I bought it at i {heart} papers - and it's currently 25% off!)

So, more about Mole Day!! It's a "holiday" invented in the 80's by a high school science teacher, as a way to get the kids to have fun with science. My awesome high school chemistry teacher, Mr. Logan or "Sir" as we called him, always celebrated in class! And that's why I know what Mole Day is!

It's celebrated at 6:02 on 10/23. The time & date look like Avogadro's number, which is ~6.02×1023 - defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole of substance. We deal with moles A LOT in chem class. ;-)

So there you have it. More than you wanted to know about chemistry! ;-)

Are there any other geeky stampers out there? If so I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to make a geeky creation, and link it back here!! I wanted to do a linky thingy but I can't get it to work at the moment, so if you make something just link it up in the comments, the old-fashioned way! Remember, there are lots of geeky topics - science, math, technology, pop culture (superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings...) - but geek can also refer to anything you really love & get excited about! For example, most of you know I'm a total bike geek!! Something like that counts too. Check out my friend Leslie's awesome geeky creation!! She used chemistry. You know I love that! And sweet Glenda posted this one last summer with an adorable little teacher doing his thing. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Another fun card - thankfully I never had to do chemistry past the very basics - give me biology any time :-)

  2. Definitely not at all geeky here, Libby, but I certain do appreciate your geekiness and this fun card! And, yes, I am glad she's a *she*, too! I have spent many years in a hospital setting on the research side, so I do know a LOT of geeks, does that count? Seriously, I love your card today, and your coloring skills rock, too!


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