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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geek Week Day 2 - DFTBA!

DFTBA. I mentioned it as I signed off yesterday. What does it mean? It's a good thing to say to yourself every single day. Don't forget to be awesome! Although it may not necessarily seem like it, this is a phrase in the nerd world, and I'll tell you how in a minute. But first, my card. I decided to make a card highlighting all kinds of stuff I happen to find AWESOME!

First of all, my favorite colors - purple and green. Awesome! Then I added glitter and sequins, way high up on the awesome scale for me. Can you read what it says in the background?? It says certified science geek! Yup, awesome. And true! That's from the Chem 101 stamp set from TSG. They have a few different geekalicious stamp sets (here & here) - LOVE IT. And the blobby thing - perhaps an amoeba? I'm not sure. But it's from a fun geeky set from Sweet Stamp Shop called Chemistry. You know I can't resist a stamp set called chemistry!

Not sure who else this particular card would appeal to, so I think I'm going to mail this card to myself. I will open it, look at it and think "wow this card has everything I love on it!!" and it will remind me daily to be awesome. ;-)

So how does this DFTBA stuff relate to Geek Week? Well, let me tell you! I recently became acquainted with the VlogBrothers and the Nerdfighters! By "acquainted" of course I mean I googled them, watched their videos on YouTube and followed them on Twitter (here too). No, I don't actually KNOW them, silly.

Anyway - these VlogBrothers, Hank & John, have a YouTube channel where they've been sharing videos for years about all sorts of topics - some geeky, some not necessarily. Their followers are called Nerdfighters. Instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff, they are made out of awesome. Here's a little introduction into their world...

I also found they have a newer YouTube channel called Crash Course, where they teach us all kinds of interesting things. US History, World History, Literature, Biology, and best of all, Chemistry! So you can learn everything you've wanted to know about things like... for instance... Unit Conversion & Significant Figures!!

Oh how I love sig figs! Am I the only one who yelled "HELL YES!" when he said "being able to chastise people for using the wrong number of significant figures is basically the math world's equivalent of being a grammar nazi"...? Have your stampy eyeballs glazed over now...?? Oops, sorry. I'm letting my geek show. ;-)

But here's the best thing about the VlogBrothers. Besides trying to make the world a little smarter, they also raise all kinds of money for charity. As they say, they decrease the amount of world suck. And I have officially become a Nerdfighter.



  1. I love everything about this, even the glitter. :) I, too, have followed the Vlog Brothers, and they do a great job of teaching stuff so you can understand it.


  2. Great Post! Thanks for sharing your geek...:)
    Decreasing world suck? I'm all in!
    I'll also join the DFTBA club.

  3. OMG, Libby! Talk about "world suck," I just got so engrossed in watching the Vlog Brothers that time just got sucked away! ;-) I love your card--even more after watching the videos!! So, my friend, go forth with your sig figs and conquer!! Oh, by the way, dftba--YOU CARD CERTAINLY IS!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love your card Libby - I am also partial to green and purple. Love the definition of dftba - will have to tell my grandchildren that I think.:-)


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