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Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's here! It's here! It's here!!!!!

Ok I'm being a VERY bad girl right now - my son is napping and I *really* should be taking advantage of this time to finish my ATC swaps! And that's what I *was* doing, until I heard a noise outside that sounded very much like the UPS truck pulling away...!! I let out a squeal, RAN to the front door, and was thrilled to find a catalog-shaped box sitting there! Can you believe I paused long enough to take this photo before tearing into it??? But tear into it I did - I've only taken a quick spin through the catalog, because I *REALLY* need to go back in my stamp room and crank out those ATCs... but from my quick peek I can truly say I LOVE IT!!!!! Ok I'm going to post some SPOILERS - don't read any further if you don't want to know anything until you open your own! Some of my favorite mini catalog items made it in - Carte Postale, French Flair, Doodle This (of course!!), Bundle of Joy - more than I expected, honestly! There's some great new baby sets, masculine sets, animal sets - for my fellow Texans, a wheel with LONGHORNS! And the thing I'm most excited about at the moment - I was totally bummed when they retired By Definition a couple years back and didn't give a good substitute, and now this year they got rid of French Script! Well there are great new "Friend By Definition" and "En Francais" backgrounds!! So I am happy! Those will probably end up on my first order! Yeah!!!! I'm so excited. Usually when I get the new catalog, I spend hours devouring it - first pass as is, next pass with my post-its to mark things I love, third pass actually filling in a wish list... *sigh* This time I actually have to set it aside *gasp* and go back to work on those ATCs!!!! (but I did take a few minutes to post about it... I'm such a blog-addict!) :-)


  1. I'm so excited! I don't know how I'm going to last waiting until next week to get it from you! Darn me for not being a demo anymore!

  2. Please tell me if they inside looks as good as the outside does!

    I have to wait till my demo Kittie send me a Catalog.

  3. Oh, I'm still waiting! No box yet comp copy, either. It sounds wonderful and I'd so love to see it. This rainy day would be perfect for it! Thanks for the tidbits!

  4. Yup, I got my comp. copy yesterday, and I went kinda crazy. Our Mailbox is down the road and as soon as the mail truck went by I grabbed the baby and booted down the road after it, baby bouncing on my hip! She must have thought I was crazy when I suddenly appeared beside her asking if there was a big magazine in there for me. I explained the excitement and finaly made her understand the need for speed, in getting those other copies in her van delivered. I returned to the house doing my happy dance and proceeded to bury my nose in it for an hour. So I can definitely sympathize with your excitement. The catalogue looks awsome, especially the accessory section (excuse the spelling). I am so glad to see old mini favorites! Can't wait to see what great cards you come up with for us to enjoy!

  5. Woo hooo...I'm so glad you got your catalogs! I just love this new one as well!

    I have the items you mentioned on my wish list...and lots of ribbon, and the Pretties Kit..and, and. I'd better stop there...ha, ha!

    Enjoy your catalog, and I hope you get those swaps done. ;)

  6. Who-hoo! Your customers are going to LOVE you today!

  7. Yeah!!! glad you received your catalogs. We all are a little silly about our catalogs, but I think it was the highlight of my week. As my kids say, maybe I need to get a life. Nah -- I love my catalog!!!!!!


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