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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One down, two to go...!

Recognize this card?? I posted it a little while back - I designed it for a Preview Brochure demonstrator swap I'm participating in. In the end I simplified it just a bit to make it more mass-producable! (although they did take forever to color!!) I had *hoped* to get these done before our trip to Michigan, but when I started feeling rotten, that didn't happen! They were due at 8pm last night, so of course I was finishing them yesterday afternoon during my son's nap! But, luckily it was a local swap so I delivered them with a few hours to spare! But now I'm in a bit of trouble - I have two more A Muse ATC swaps due next Monday, and these have to be shipped to California!! Looks like I'll be stamping them tonight and probably paying to overnight them on Thursday or Friday! Darn it, this is turning into an expensive swap!! But, I'll end up with some ATCs made by one of my stamping idols, Taylor, plus some other very talented ladies - so hopefully it's all worth it. :-) I'll share my ATCs on here once I make them!

On a non-papercrafting note, you may have noticed the photo of my current book club book over to the left, The Historian. I finished it last night - I have to say I really loved it! It's actually about vampires, Dracula to be exact, so it's probably not for everyone. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've had a thing for vampire stories for quite a while now, ever since Anne Rice mesmerized me with her Vampire Chronicles back in college. :-) I also love history (although I'm really bad about taking as fact too much of the "history" when I'm reading fiction!!) and traveling, and this book visits places I've been in western Europe as well as Eastern European countries I hope to visit someday - Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey. This was definitely a page-turner for me! :-)


  1. Love the changes to your card. I still LOVE the color combo, and it is soo cute. Can't wait to see your ATC's.

  2. Great cards, but wow, that's a lot of colouring!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work! I've never been good at mass producing cards, I get so tired of the repitition lol. But its definetly a great way to get other peoples work! Can't wait to see your ATC's.

  4. Wow...what a job!! But they look so awesome...I bet everyone will LOVE them!

    Good luck with your ATC's!

  5. Super swap cards, Libby! They'll get a kick out of these! Less ribbon and no brads didn't hurt it one bit. Also, about the book--I love to read and a well written book of any kind will hold me in its grip. I've read a few vampire books, myself. I may start out a little skeptical about the subject matter sometimes, but I've been surprised so many times. If a book is recommended I'll give it a try. I'll keep this one in mind. Thanks!

  6. Lovely cards, the colouring must've taken ages!!

  7. These are adoreable! Love the colors! TFS!

  8. Totally cute rhino!
    This is pretty much how I do every swap I am in, last minute. Then it costs a fortune and I make myself crazy, you'd think I would learn. lol

  9. Your card is wonderful...good luck on the swaps!

    I too read The Historian for my bookclub. (The topic was NEW authors.) I can't believe this was her first book...It was interesting and well written. Love the characters and the plot line was fast paced and believable (even being about vampires!)

    Loved it too.

  10. love this card. the coloring and image are just adorable!


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