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Monday, December 31, 2007

Altered Letters

Several months ago I decided to redecorate Carter's room with a sports theme. I bought some new bedding and curtains, and lots of things to hang on the wall, and made a little progress, then came to a screeching hault! Mostly because Joel does the wall hanging in our household, and he's been gone most of this fall! But I set a goal to have it all done by the end of the year (or really, before his birthday party, so I could show everyone how it turned out!). And I accomplished that goal! Woohoo! His room looks so much cuter now that there are things hanging on the walls! So one of the things I wanted to do ages ago (even before the sports theme idea came along) was hang some letters above his crib to spell out his name. I bought some cheap white letters at Hobby Lobby, and they've been sitting around staring at me for a loooong time! Well this week I FINALLY did something with them! This was my first time altering letters like this - I don't think I'm much of an "alterer", honestly - but I think these came out rather cute! I used patterned paper and Mod Podge to cover them, and some sports-themed embellishments - mostly from a little package of sports buttons I found at Michael's - I just cut the button hooks off the backs of some of them. The little beads spell out "all star". These letters are already on his wall (hence the blue background!) and were pretty much impossible to photograph well - they look much cuter in person! But I thought I'd share them anyway, I'm very happy with how they turned out! Now I'm excited to make some for Baby Girl's room, once we're sure about the name - hers will have rhinestones and glitter and lots of ribbon - they will be much more fun for mommy to make then these sports letters! LOL! Thanks for stopping by today - HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE! :-)


  1. These turned out so cute, Libby!!! I think you did a wonderful job with them!!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Ooooh -- I hope you made two sets of those cute, cute letters... :) Happy New Year, Libby!

  3. Oh, my gosh! These really are soooooo cute! The papers and embellishments are just darling and perfect. I think you did a fantastic job altering them!

  4. i think they are adorable!!! and you did a great job altering them.


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