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Monday, December 31, 2007

*sigh* I can finally relax!

This afternoon was Carter's birthday party. I'm sure most of you breathed a sigh of relief when Christmas was over - it was all DONE and you could finally relax. I couldn't do that until tonight. :-) Carter had a ton of fun at his party though, so it was all worth it! He's a rather shy boy, he gets a bit overwhelmed with large groups of kids, etc - but he did so good tonight! I kept the party small for that very reason - only four other kids (plus two babies) - I think just the right size for him at this point! I had also been telling him about his party for the past week or so, to "prepare" him - I think it really made a difference! This morning I told him his birthday party would be after his nap today - so when naptime came, he got right up from his playroom and walked to his bedroom, more than ready to go to sleep (this isn't common!) and said as I was putting him down "dinosaur cake" - he was sooo looking forward to his dinosaur cake! And when he woke up and saw the house transformed with balloons and decorations - I could tell he thought it was just too cool. :-) And boy did he enjoy that dinosaur cake!! He doesn't get this much sugar very often, so when he does, he's a very happy camper! I did manage to add one little homemade touch to the party (in addition to his invitations) - I stamped some very simple but cute favor bags for all the kids. So with the party finally behind me, I hope to have more stamped creations to show you in the coming days!! *sigh* This week is finally over! Now if only some elves would stop by and take down all my Christmas decorations...! :-)


  1. Looks like he had a great time! Cute bags...I bet everyone had fun.

  2. I'm so glad to hear everything went so well with the party, and that Carter had a great birthday! The goodie bags turned out so cute!

  3. Carter looks so very sweet and very "into" that cake! This picture just tugs at my heart strings. The bags turned out cute and I'll bet the little guests were excited to receive them. I'm also so glad to have Christmas behind me. All decorations come down today!

  4. TOO sweet. Love the party bags and Carter is the epitome of cuteness! Glad you can relax now, Enjoy! Mel


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