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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Guess how I got to spend my Mother's Day? That's right - in the stamp room!!! I haven't been able to stamp for far too long again - too many issues* in my household during the past couple of weeks. As I'm sure you guessed from the lack of updates to my blog (I was even emailed by somebody telling me she was sick of looking at the mice... geesh!). ;-) Anyway, it was fun to get my creative juices flowing once again. Maybe I'll hurry and post this and try to head back in for another card - could I be that lucky??

For this card, I played with a Hambo stamp that I think looks just like me (LOL) and one of my absolute favorite Hambo sentiments - one that made me giggle right out loud the first time I was browsing through their site. It's one of what they call their "fractured funnies" - which are cool because they give you something to put on the INSIDE of the card, too. You can see what is says on the outside... the inside of this one says "No, the other one. No, the OTHER one. No, now you're thinking of the neighbor's kid..." hee hee!! I have two siblings (and some horrifically perfect neighbor kids**) so this one is very fitting for my family. :-) The card sketch is this week's Mojo Monday challenge (MOJO36) but looking at it again just now I realized I put a bow instead of a "round thing" so Julee will probably disqualify me from the contest, darn it! I can never follow sketch challenges correctly... ah well. I started off doing this past week's SCS color challenge (CC165 - Lovely Lilac, Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink) and had it on a Lovely Lilac card base instead of Kraft, but didn't like it, so I blew that challenge too. Although, I did color the flowers purple. Does that count? Oh, and I felt like sewing after reading Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge (ssnotime34) so I pulled out my Sew Mini. I decided to attempt a "straight" stitch instead of the zigzag I've used before - I use that term "straight" loosely because mine certainly did not come out straight! But that's ok, it makes it look more "homemade"... :-) Hope all of you mothers out there are enjoying your day - and the rest of ya too! Thanks for stopping by today!
  • Stamps: Flower Pot Girl and Favorite Child from Hambo Stamps
  • Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Prints DP
  • Ink: Adirondack Pitch Black
  • Accessories: Copic markers, Janome Sew Mini, Pretty in Pink brads, Kraft taffeta ribbon, Certainly Celery marker
* I'll leave it at that - y'all are tired of hearing me whine! :-) And yesterday I met somebody who makes me realize how relatively easy things actually are - she has a 12yr old, 5yr old twins, and is pregnant with ANOTHER set of twins!!! YIKES! Could you even imagine? I just said "WOW" and she said "Yup, that's pretty much all you can say about that, isn't it?"

** Laura you know I love the Prices!!

(I'm totally copying Melanie with the asterisks today - I hope she doesn't mind!)


  1. Love this!!! Wonderful color blocks of printed paper, great image and too, too funny sentiment!!! I'm so glad you played -- thanks much!!!

  2. LOL! Horrifically perfect is a great way to put it. They are quite perfect aren't they?

  3. Too funny! Love your card and so glad you got a chance to stamp. :)

  4. Hihi, nice and funny card!


  5. I love your stitches! That sentiment has me in stitches! I'm sure I like this better on the Kraft base than I would on Lovely Lilac, too. Sort of softer. Glad you got a chance to stamp and enjoy yourself, Libby!

  6. This is so sweet, and I have always LOVED that sentiment!! Love your color blocks and stitching too!! I'm glad you were able to stamp! Woo hooo!!


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