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Friday, October 24, 2008

RAK from Megan

(Scroll down for this week's From Courtney's Closet challenge!!) I got this beautiful card in the mail yesterday from Megan. She had made it for a From Courtney's Closet challenge a few weeks back. I just love it, it's even *more* beautiful in person than I realized! For one thing, I don't think I had fully realized that she stitched the butterfly's antennae. So many gorgeous details! Thanks Megan, I love it!

So about RAKs... I have received soooo many beautiful RAKs this year. Between Courtney's birth and my birthday and just general RAKs, I've been such a lucky girl! (back when the gorgeous cards were pouring in when Courtney was born, my sister said she wants to start a blog before she ever has a baby so she can be so lucky too, LOL!) I've been beating myself up all year about being so rotten about photographing and posting them. I keep meaning to do it, but I just never find the time (or make the time?). Anyway, I've decided to release the guilt and just start fresh, going forward from today. No more beating myself up about the past. I realize it's not even a "requirement" that I post them - many people do not - but I wanted to and I feel bad that I never did. Or I *felt* bad, anyway. So... if you've sent me cards this year, please know I appreciate them SO MUCH!! And if you send me more, I'll post them. LOL! I'm also really trying to quit hoarding cards, so hopefully I'll be sending lots of RAKs out myself from here on out. :-) So there you have it - my RAK confession. Have a nice weekend! :-)


  1. Libby: Most beautiful butterfly!!!
    Megan did a wonderful job. Lucky you!!!

  2. Now. How did you take such a *good* photo of it??? I stink taking photos. Maybe my camera is getting old (which it is) and maybe I didn't edit it right (which is likely). Thanks for posting it and I'm thrilled you like it!! I'm looking forward to using some of the goodies you sent me! Off to be challenged....

  3. Megan, Beautiful card!
    Libby, I am amazed that you keep up this blog and find time to make beautiful cards with two little ones. I have a hard time finding time to craft and my kids are big. :)

  4. WOW!! This is fabulous. LOVE that butterfly.. such wonderful dimension.

  5. Oh! I saw this before but I LOVE it in the big close up! I didn't notice the embossed DP before. So many fabulous details.

    Good for you to be determined to send your cards out. I LOVE sending RAKs and just wish I had more addresses, but thank goodness for the RAK group on SCS.

  6. What a gorgeous RAK, Libby!! Wow!!


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