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Sunday, November 30, 2008

No time to stamp...

Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been a less than fun weekend at our house with sick kids - including another ear infection for Courtney. Poor baby! I'm worried that tubes are in her future, she's already had a lot of ear infections in her short little life!

You won't hear from me for at least a couple more days, too - tomorrow I'm off to San Antonio to hang out with my good friend Diane, meet one of my favorite stampers Carole, and see my all-time favorite band DURAN DURAN in concert!!! Woohoo!!! There's nothing quite like screaming like foolish teenagers with a bunch of 30- and 40-something year old moms!!! Too much fun. Please be sure to keep your fingers crossed for us to end up with seats on John's side of the stage!! :-) I'll be sure to post a recap once I'm back and recovered. Oh and speaking of being recovered - my dear children, of course, shared their germs with me a bit too, and I have a sore throat and cough today. It better be cleared up by tomorrow night - I can't scream like a foolish teenager at my Wild Boys with a sore throat!!!

You guys have no idea how much I'm looking forward to tomorrow - it's been ages since I've really done anything fun and kid-free!! Not that I don't love being with my kids, but you know, sometimes mommy needs a little break...

But speaking of my wonderful kids - I was just looking through my photos and for fun looked to see what we were up to exactly two years ago today. This is one of the photos I took of Carter on November 30, 2006. I think at the time I didn't think this was a very good picture, because his eyes are shut and he's scrunching up his face. Two years later I think it's so stinkin' cute!! And this, my friends, is why I have way too many photos on my computer - I cannot delete!!! :-)

Have a nice week and I'll stamp something to share with you... eventually....!


  1. Libby..have a great time at the concert!
    I just spent the day with little Cole and he made that scrunchy face showing off his 4 little fangs at Gwamma...priceless!

  2. LOL. I love it! He has a similar look on his face as Courtney is her Courtney's closet photo. I didn't remember him making that face, but what a cute little bugger!

  3. What a cute picture!! Have a fantabulous time at the show, and I look forward to hearing about it when you have a chance to share! Hope you're all feeling better soon!!

  4. Oh, gosh! I think it's a really cute photo, too. I love the totally spontaneous pics like this. I remember when my son was little--I really needed time with adults. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time. It's nice to think that at least you had the option and will have another opportunity of some kind at some point.


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