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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A whole lotta Hambo!

Hello again my blogging friends - I've missed you this week! Not a whole lot of stampin' has been going on in my world lately - as I mentioned below, Baby Girl has been a handful, and during the time I meant to be stamping I spent a lot of time cleaning that Stamp Cave of mine because boy oh boy was it a DISASTER AREA!!! But it's in pretty good shape now, I have to say! One day soon I think I'll take you on a little tour of it, because there are a couple storage s0lutions in there I think you might be interested in. Anyway - here's one thing I *did* work on recently! I thought all of these little Hambo Artist Pigs, grouped together like this, looked too darn cute so I wanted to show you that instead of the finished cards! It's one of my all-time favorite Hambo images, I just *heart* him so much!! So that is the first half of the "whole lotta Hambo" I wanted to share with you - the other is in the slideshow below. I recently wrapped up hosting a Hambo swap over at Splitcoast! It was my first time hosting a swap, so it was quite a learning experience. For one thing, I have all new respect for the ladies that host HUGE swaps - they must spend sooo much time swapping out the cards and getting them all shipped back!! Wowsers! But my swap was a nice, managable size for me - and it was super fun chatting with these ladies and getting to know them a little. So without further ado - check out their super cute creations in the slideshow below! And thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Oh my gosh how cute are those little guys you cut out!!! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Well, how cute are they too bad we only get 5 ...I want them ALL!!! Guess that's why you host right Libby!!! :-) Great first swap!!! Congrats and Thanks!!

  3. That's a lot of "Ham"! So cute, Libby!


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