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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is Courtney wearing??

Thought I'd share a little sneaky-peek with you tonight of Courtney's outfit. Hmmm. Whatever could she be wearing?? And is her mommy really crazy enough to be putting her in a mostly white shirt again?? Doesn't she ever learn? LOL I will be seriously impressed if anyone can guess what the main theme of this week's shirt-inspired card will be from this little photo, but thought I'd share it anyway. Courtney is actually lying down on the chair/footstool here and I am tickling her as I took the photo. Her hair wasn't really up in a little Pebbles ponytail (although now I'm thinking I should try that!!) - the clip had just fallen during the ticklefest (and the bow is upside down!). Can you see what's going on in her mouth?? That somewhat large top tooth is getting brand new friends on both sides. Courtney has been working hard on those, as well as nursing an ear infection and a nasty cough. Aye carumba, it's NOT been a fun week with a majorly cranky baby girl!! But really, who can blame her? If I had all that going on I'd be pretty cranky too. So it was nice to get a smile out of her and hear her sweet laugh during this little bit of tickle torture. hee hee But enough chit-chat, I need to get one other thing posted and then head to the stamp room so I actually have a card to reveal to you all in the morning!! Until then - Happy Stamping - or Happy Lost Watching - or whatever it is that you do on your Wednesday nights! :-)


  1. My guess is that it's a cute little dress with either a cupcake or a duck on it!!

  2. so is it stained yet??? i'm gonna guess butterflies, just because :)

  3. Look at those choppers! WOW! Can't wait to see what her outfit is - I'm a lousy guesser but is it something Easter-ish? ~chris

  4. Cute flowers? I know how bad it can be when a little one is sick and teething.

  5. I think it has to be some thing pink to match her bow, so here are my guess's

    Polka Dots

  6. Flowers- my guess.

    Anyway, look at those little teeth, so cute. A little slow getting them in but I hear that they are stronger when they take longer- so good news!. She is adorable! I have a 15 month old, so this challenge and the photos are right up my alley. :)

  7. Adorable pic, Libby!! Love the hair bow!!


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