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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


On Tuesday and Thursday morning, Carter goes to preschool and I have a few precious hours to myself. My days of having this time to myself are quickly vanishing - soon I will have a newborn with me during this time, who may or may not cooperate with my desire to do what I want to do! So what did I do this morning, which very well could be my last morning to myself? I sorted through my old sample cards & card fronts I've collected over the past ~4 years of being an SU demo!! Why!??!?! Is this nesting? Or am I just plain nuts? Maybe it's both. There are so many other things I should have tried to get done this morning - a trip to the bank & Babies R Us, or time in my stamp room (I still have a few things I'd really like to make before I may not have stamping time for a while!) - I just don't know what I was thinking. And now Carter will be home in about 10 minutes and this photo is all I have to show for my time. Due to my Copic-induced stamping budget, I couldn't bring myself to tossing all those card fronts without salvaging off of them the various embellishments that can be reused!! My, I'm becoming a super frugal stamper, huh!? :-) And by the way, I do feel somewhat guilty about just chucking all of these cards & fronts - but I did save out some that I still like & can use (my taste has changed A LOT over the past 4 years!) and I also took out the Valentines cards to send to Beate last week (fyi, there's still time to help her! I sent my package to her on Saturday and she had it by Monday! Go to the post office TODAY!). Anyway... I don't have a new card to show you today because I wasted my stamping time with nesting. Or something. :-) Carter's home! Have a great day!


  1. Boy it really sounds like you are in a nesting mood. Are you sure you are not having contractions?

  2. Wow...four days to go!!! How exciting. Love your idea of nesting...too funny!!!

  3. Just think though...newborns do sleep a lot though. Hopefully she'll be good for you at night so you won't feel the need to catch a few Zs while Carter is sleeping and you can use that time to get inky!

  4. Good job, Libby! I could stand to go through my big box that's just taking up space in the closet. All those retired sets. I made a whole bunch of them into cards and gave them to a friend once. That was way too much work. I like your idea better!


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