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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And so it began...

So many people say 'it all started when a friend invited me to a Stampin' Up party...'! Well lookie what I found during my cleaning - my very first order form from my very first party!!! March 24, 2001. Little did I know then that it would end up the complete addiction it is today! I was already deeply into scrapbooking at that point, but I had never rubberstamped anything in my life... but I was obviously hooked right from the get-go, dropping $148.25 on my very first order. The hostess was my friend Christina - documented proof, Christina, that this is ALL YOUR FAULT! And... I can't thank you enough! :-) So now you see why it's taking me forever to clean out stuff and get the house ready... can you say PACK RAT?!?!


  1. Girl that is just how it go's that is so cool that you still have your ordder slip you should frame it for your craft room!!!!

  2. Oh, but what a wonderful walk down Memory Lane! I agree with Sarah--you should frame it!

  3. i still have my first order too :) all i have to say it "you pay 8.25% sales tax?!" that's the crime of this story! TFS

  4. That's awesome. I'm pretty sure I spent nothing close to that my "first" time. But I've made up for it for sure.
    Have a great day.

  5. What a great time we had at that first show. You certainly surpassed me in this hobby/addiction. My current addictions are not too far away. If you need to store your stuff in a safe place for the move, I know one of your new neighbor's who could find a good home in her scrapbook room!

  6. What a cool piece of memorabilia! I now wonder what mine looks!


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