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Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Courtney's Closet - an inspiration challenge

Sorry I'm posting this so late! I actually had this card made several days ago, but it's been a crazy few days - I had several rooms, including the computer room, painted yesterday, so everything was unplugged & shutdown and I was offline. (*gasp!* the horror!!) So, no posting for me! (or blog reading, I'm a gazillion posts behind once again...!)

But on with the show... for this week's FCCC card, I kept up my "ocean week" theme and used my adorable little seahorse from Hambo Stamps. I pretty much had to - I used a different seahorse earlier in the week, and if I didn't also put some ink to this cutie during ocean week, Monica would have had my head. ;-) Courtney's outfit doesn't have seahorses, but it does have fish, so it's the same general theme. :-) I also chose to use the same color combo (more or less), polka dot background (are you shocked I'd choose to use polka dots??), and the stitched ribbon along the bottom - although mine's real, Courtney's was faux. The seahorses' fins were stamped a second time, cut out and popped up on dimensionals. There's also a little Stickles on their back fins (as I'm typing this I realize I am seriously lacking in the fish-part-knowledge department!). This week I tried so hard to get a cute photo of Courtney that really showed the details of her outfit, but she just would not cooperate! She mostly just wanted to kick her dress (or eat it!). Can you see the huge spot of drool on it too? *sigh* I had a cuter photo of HER but it took all my willpower to post this one instead, that showed her dress a little better!

Three awesome ladies played along with last week's challenge!! That is a new From Courtney's Closet record! LOL! Of course there was my most faithful participant, Sue. I just love her adorable card, and she says it was quite a struggle for her to make it - it seems she's not a fan of orange. :-) I'd never guess from looking at it! My sister Laura played again too! Her creation is so colorful, cheerful and fun! Of course I sort of "hinted" that it would be great if she would play when I purposely returned the Tart & Tangy stamp set to her which I had borrowed to make the card... ;-) And finally, my Hambo "boss" Monica made my day by jumping in with this adorable card!! Yeah Monica! As always her post about it cracked me up.Hope you liked this week's card. If you are at all inspired by anything on Courtney's outfit this week, I'd love to see what you create. Leave a comment here with a link to you posting or blog - and if you upload to Splitcoast please include keyword FCCC. Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to skip the recipe again, I'm sleepy. :-)


  1. This is just adorable, Libby! I really have to participate in one of your Courtney's Closet Challenges. . .they are just darling and I LOVE seeing pictures of her. She's just too cute!

  2. Look at cute Courtney! That girl gets cuter every day, I tell ya - kind of like ME! LOL

    I LOVE your card! It really does look like the outfit, and the orange on blue looks great. :)

  3. How cute those seahorses are! That is one of my favorite Hambo stamps! It was Ocean week at my house last week, as I taught a sumemr school class for 1st and 2nd graders with an ocean theme! Darling cards~

  4. As usual...I am loving the pictures of Courtney!! Your card is so cute, and I love the seahorses!!

  5. I have my blog challenge done, hope to get it posted tomorrow night! I like this one!

  6. Woohoooo, yay! Lots of players--it's catching on! Gosh darn cute cards, too. Courtney sure has some cute little outfits, but they'd have to be pretty cute 'cause she's such a doll! I'm going to be watching for this Thursday's Courtney's Closet--see, I remembered the day this time, although you did it on Saturday this week... Maybe I could actually play along by sometime this weekend. I'm getting kind of excited, Libby!

  7. OMG, what a cute picture of Courtney!! She really is a doll!! I'll have to keep an eye on your blog so I can play along in your challenge!!


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