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Thursday, January 22, 2009

FCCC Sneak Peek and some personal blah blah blah

Hi everyone! Wondering where today's From Courtney's Closet post is? Yes, I'm a slacker once again - I opted for an outing last night instead of stamping - left the kids with Daddy and went to play pub quiz! Yay! We lost. But it was fun! :-) So here's a little sneaky peek at Courtney's latest outfit - hopefully I'll have a card to post for you by tomorrow, but no promises since I have a full slate of TV viewing to do tonight, including "Lost" which is still sitting unviewed on my Tivo!!!!! So, you can see one of the colors in Courtney's latest outfit - sort of a seafoam green - can you guess what color is paired with it? I bet you can't! (Sue, I sure hope you like this better than orange or animal print!) (and Laura, no giving it away!) :-) Now as for the personal blah blah blah... I probably shouldn't even ramble on about it in a blog post, it's not like you're really interested - but here goes. I've decided to try and put MYSELF first more than I have in recent months. I'm trying to focus on getting healthy. Staying up into the wee hours because I feel the need to make a card to post on my blog just isn't good for accomplishing my health goals. Neither is stressing about cardmaking, which is supposed to be my fun, relaxing HOBBY. So... if sometimes I go for a stretch with no posts, I'm going to be ok with that. I hope you'll be ok with it too - stick with me and be happy when something from me does happen to pop up - but I know there are about a gazillion blogs you can read and if you prefer the more reliable posters, so be it. (I'm actually still shocked and honored that anyone reads my blog with all the amazing choices out there!!) So there you have it. I saw a little sidebar banner on somebody's blog once that said something like "blogging without guilt" (was that you mudmaven??) - I need to go look for it after I post this. :-) And now that this is out of the way, I'm going to post this and then post a little hunka hunka burning love to hold you over until the FCCC post! :-) Thanks for reading.


  1. Purple goes great with sea foam green.I am trying to balance my blogging time. I'll be here when you can. Enjoy your kids while they are little.

  2. Good for you!! I love your creations and will always remain a faithful reader..whenever you decide to post :)
    Oh my guess is yellow ;)

  3. Yes mam, that was me! Here's the link:

    You post just as much (or as little) as you like - we'll all be here ready to enjoy it!


  4. Good for you. After my son's serious illness, I have had to put my stamping aside for now. I even had to put sending store bought cards aside...a let myself do it. It has been very hard but after a few months I am learning to let go for now. It has taken awhile.

    You need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of you kids.

    Have a wonderful day and I will read you whenever you post.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com

  5. I know I would put pink with this color, but I've been told many times that my clothes don't match. She is just so precious! Good for you on your personal side. Maybe one day I'll learn how to balance everything too.

  6. You post when you can Jen. It's not like you don't have two 3 and under. (I think it's 3 and under; it might be 2 and under, but I'm pretty sure your little boy turned 3 on my dh's b-day). I cut back on blogging—forget card making or scrapbooking due to driving 110 miles each way to go to school for my MEd. If I can put me first, so can you. Go Girl!

    P.S. Yeah, you have no idea who I am, but I've been following your blog for almost a year. There's a link from my blog to yours. HeeHee

  7. I'm thinking PTI's Aqua Mist. Love that color! I've made the very same committment to myself regarding stamping and blogging. More home, garden, friends, movies, reading. Stamping when it feels right. I've read the blogging without guilt post and found it inspiring. I think we should all go at our own pace and just enjoy. I read on another blog today where someone lost a reader because she posts too frequently. Interesting.

  8. Great picture of Courtney! I think she is saying Blah to all the blogging! You are right about taking it more easy with the blogging and putting yourself and family first! My New Year's goal this year was to put myself first for a change! Not to be selfish, but I was always doing for everyone else and never for me, so this year, Its all about "ME"...LOL! I too, was stressing over posting on my blog, though I don't have near the readers you do,I was spending all my time making sure I posted each day, now, its just a "hit and miss"! I am comfortable with that! But what is good for me, is, I subscribe to you, so whenever you post, I'll know can run, but, you can't hide...haha! Thanks for the fun blog...and can't wait to see what other color little Courtney has on!

  9. I love this pic of Courtney! Definitely take time for yourself. I came to that same conclusion a few weeks ago and although it's killing me, I've started getting up at 5 a few days a week to go to the gym, back here right after the kids have gotten up. I feel pretty good for the most part.

    I'll definitely keep tuning in to your blog, God only knows I don't keep up with mine on a daily basis so I can't slam anyone else who doesn't :-)

  10. Cute picture of Courtney!! I have the B.W.O on my blog too. ;)


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