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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Gah, I cannot believe I *completely* forgot about picking my winner from the Hambo blog hop!! Huge apologies to all of you who've been hanging on the edge of your seats, wondering if you won. Because I just *know* my blog is that important in your lives... hahahaha!

So without further ado (or silliness)... the winner is... #4!! Ayana, come on down! You are the lucky winner of a hilarious Hambo sentiment!! Woohoo!! Please send me your address and I'll get it right out to you!

And truly sorry about my forgetfulness - I have been SO SWAMPED!! This is why:

Yup, our house is officially for sale now! It went on the market late yesterday afternoon, and we had our first prospective buyers come by this morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for us, I really hope this doesn't drag on for ages. Keeping a house tidy for showing with two preschoolers in the house is NO FUN AT ALL!! My master plan is to keep them out of the house as much as possible, but guess what? Carter woke up this morning with crud gluing his eyes shut, so we went to the doctor and sure enough - pink eye! And as an added bonus, an unexpected positive test for strep throat. Never a dull moment around here! Now I'm just hoping like mad that the rest of the family (including ME!) doesn't catch any of this.

So anyway... someday I'll be back to stamping and blogging... someday.....!!! Hope you bear with me once again. Sigh.


  1. Oh you poor thing, hope all the sickies goes away and best of luck with the sale of the house!!

  2. Oh baby, I'm so sorry for the little guy (and, well, for you, too). Hope he's better soon!

  3. Yayyy! I won. How exciting! :)
    Thank you so much, Libby!
    I can imagine how busy you must be lately. What a pain. Oh, and poor Carter! I sure hope he gets better soon, and hopefully the selling experience will go smoothly for you guys.
    I am having trouble finding your email on your blog. I searched through your side bar, but I don't see it. Maybe i'm blind. :(

  4. Oh dear Libby - my heart and prayers are with you! It's so difficult to do anything with one illness but to have a toddler with 2 illnesses and to try to show your home! You are a wizard for sure! And congrats to Ayana!!!!!!! Woo hoo ladies, you both rock!

  5. Oh, Libby... when it rains, it pours! Poor Carter... it's a good thing I'm not within a 10 mile radius of him, because I would surely catch his Pink Eye! I am unusually susceptible to that scourge for some odd reason. Hope he doesn't have strep. I'll keep my fingers crossed and send good vibes for a quick sale on your house. It looks beautiful from my vantage point, and I imagine if its interior reflects its mistress, it's fabulous on the inside, too. (((Libby!)))

  6. Best of luck with your house sale, Libby! Poor Carter, I hope he's feeling better soon.


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