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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Scrapbook Club!

It's Saturday so you know what that means! I have some rotten photographs of a mediocre scrapbook layout to share with you! Woohoo! I am so frustrated with scrapbook photography, grrr. In the future I may just show you a stack of layouts without trying to focus in on the details, since I'm not that great of a scrapper anyway. My only point of posting them is to try to get me to actually work on them! But as it turns out, having to photograph them and post them is kinda turning me off from the whole process. Part of me hopes you don't even visit my blog on Saturdays. HA!

Ok enough with the self-deprecating, here's my layout:

I absolutely adore the photo of Carter & Courtney walking with hands held. It makes my heart happy. These photos were taken last spring at the Austin Nature Center, one of our favorite (free!) places to spend a morning. I haven't added any journaling yet because I couldn't decide where to put it or what format to use. Any suggestions? :-)

I'll be back tomorrow (or maybe tonight!) with some cards I made last night that I sorta actually love. So hopefully I won't be as hard on myself then... hee hee


  1. That picture is one of the best kid pics I've ever seen!!!

    And I adore your tree.

    Great post - and yeah, I read it.

    "Don't tell me what I can't do" - John Locke, LOST

  2. Oh, how sweet! I LOVE the pics!

    And yeah, I read it. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!

  3. joy, from less is more, told me one time that she sticks her scrapbook layouts up onto a blank wall in her bathroom to photograph them...maybe if you did with that poster putty stuff and drug your Ott light in there it'd work? i find myself not blogging because editing pics is a boring drag for me, so i feel ya

    AND that is the cute. est. picture EVER! i luff it

  4. Absolutely adorable! I have pics of my 2 oldest holding hands when they were younger and it still melts my heart too.:)Love your heart tree too and the row of circular pics. Great design!

  5. Love your layout Libby, and I am with you on the photo of Carter and Courtney, love it, so super sweet!

  6. The pictures speak for themselves... sometimes too much embellishments, details... and all that journaling got in the way, in my opinion. Love the cute layout and how you captured the moments.

  7. Not sure that you need any journaling, but the top right of the second page would be good to add date and a few notes if needed.

  8. Cute scarpbook page! At least you got one done.

  9. That picture just melts my heart. I hope you blow that baby up and hang it'll need it to remind them how much they liked each other when they are pre-teens;)

    I love how many photos you got on this layout and that heart tree is adorable!

  10. Tough it out TOOTS!!! I keep reading so keep entertaining me... I think this layout is SUPER FAB!!!! The pictures aren't lost in all the CRAP.... Now about that journaling... why cant you just pen write the date up in a corner above a picture and call it good? There aren't rules to SB'ing and the pictures SAY where they are at!!!! I LOVE this 2 page layout and they are SO cute and happy together!!!!! ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!!! :)

  11. This is a fabulous spread. I hate photographing SB layouts, too. They just never seem to look as good as photos of cards do because they're so big and so much of the detail gets lost.

    As for journaling, I'm a big believer in hand-writing. When people see your handwriting, they hear your voice. When your kids look at these pages in the years to come, they won't care so much about the cute embellishments, but they will pour over every word you write, looking for clues about who they were at this age. Besides the photos, the journaling is the next most important part of a SB, IMHO.

    The world according to Carole... ;)

  12. Oh what a beautiful photo of Carter and Courtney holding hands. Pure preciousness. And yes, I visit your blog on Saturdays, and Tuesdays, and Mondays, and Wednesdays, and Sundays, and Fridays, and even on Thursdays. So there!

  13. Love that tree and I love your sweet photos! The row of circular photos is so striking! You are a great scrapbooker, my friend!

  14. I love your "heart" tree and that photo of your kids walking hand in hand is so adorable! Your are blessed!


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